A Blast From The Past

Well as most of us know the twins have been around since 1984. What started as Sweet Valley High brought us countless, countless, spinoffs. To name a few SVH Senior Year, Sweet Valley Twins, The Unicorn Club, SVU...
It seems that we've seen them grow up from second grade to their University days! So here is a little reminder of Days Past.

Here's This Month's Blast From The Past!
Gang Wars, Treasure Hunts, Conner... All Part Of SVH's History! Check out this Month's BFP!
A Blast From The Past
These are Sweet Valley Books that were published in March!
Feb 1985 March 1995 March 1996 March 1999
Racing Hearts
March 1985

Roger Barret has always loved Lila from a far. When she becomes interested in him he's estatic but does she like him or his fame?
The Treasure Of The Death Valley
March 1995

Liz discovers gold! Jessica wants to be rich what she doesn't know is that three convicts are on her tails!
A Kiss Before Dying
March 1996

Christian Gorman has promised Jessica he won't fight again but can he keep his promise?
So Cool
March 1999

Conner meets Maria & they get together. While Liz can't seem to get over Conner!

I hope you enjoyed this month's Blast From The Past! ~Grace!

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