How To Become Site Of The Month

AwardsWhat is Site of the Month
The site of the Month is the best Site that registers for that month. Every Month a new site will be featured and the award will be given. Please note that this is a monthly contest. This form must be filled out every month.

Advantages of being chosen
As site of the month our site will provide a direct link to your site posted on my entrance page. I will write a bout a paragraph stating why your site was chosen and I will feature your banner! After that month your site will be placed on the previous winners page with your paragraph and banner!
Your award will be sent to you via e-mail

You must enter your site on or before the 20th of the month.... example
If you want to be Dec's Site of The Month You must register from Nov 1 - Nov 20th.
The winner will be notified through e-mail from the 20th-25th!. On the 1st of the Month The Site will be posted

If you don't meet these please do not submit your site!

1. Your site MUST BE Sweet Valley Related
2. No dad links! I cannot stress this enough! I hate links that take me nowhere
3. I must be able to get into your site! I have MicroSoft Internet Explorer 5.0 My man has Netscape If I can't get in from either computer than you will not be included (I will e-mail you about the problem)
4. You must be updated! I must see updates that are no more than 20 days old! Sites that have not updated in more than a month (No matter how fanatastic they look) will be disqualified. It is not far to those people who do update!
5. You must have at least one orginal piece on ur site, Be it a written work, Your Site Name, or your Graphics. In one way your site should say orginal it should say YOU!

Remember even if your site doesn't win this month doesn't mean it won't win at all! Having a site is about your love for SVH. So please submit your site every month! The odds are eventually you'll win!

*Hint: The earlier in the month u submit your site The Better Chance I have to truly enjoy it!*


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