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Temple II

Love is the Law, Be Your Self

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My dearest love, above all things I love you. My dearest love, I grieve, grieving for your absence, I live; I live in shadow, and I do not feel, I do not feel, unless I give; unless I give my love to you. Impossible love, love further than the most remote place, your heart, impregnable fortress, impenetrable forest, I seek the path to love you. Grace filled heart, heart of roses, of color and thorns, grace filled love filled with flying things and white light, love of sun, love of moon, bent at the neck to receive gentle kisses, eyes closed and full of tears, torn. My dearest love, above all things I love you.

Live with me among the soft creatures. The creatures with no horns. The creatures who murmur. The creatures who gambol and who seek the safest, warmest places.

Live with me among the timeless. The spirits of light and reckless perfection, who have seen all things and who know all.

Oh angel of change, of light and of bliss, I rue the day I held you in contempt, short with my words, caged in my fear. Oh my love, live with me in forgiveness.

I know you are tired. I know you are weak. The world has tried to break you, to spill you, to wreak its wrath of waves.

I know you are poor, eyes filled with tears, Surrounded by the riches of ease, Struggling to maintain composure and dignity.

I know you are pure. I know you are undeserving of all this hate, surrounded by enmity and confusion. Oh let me spill my words.

I know Im unworthy, far more poor than you.

I know I have failed to show the slightest bit of courage, or to suffer by your side.

I know I am a hopeless liar who wishes to be the things I perceive, with no effort. Oh let me spill my words.

But I harbor hope within me. Hopes like sunburst stars. Hopes like beautiful madrigals written in Spring, when Winter is forgotten.

I harbor love within me. Impossible love for you. Love like winged angels. Love like crystals who glow. Love like power contained in a circle in the warmest belly of the world. Far from loss and despair. Oh let me spill my words.

My dearest love, above all things I love you. It is you among all, whom I prize.

My dearest love, you have all of my warmth admiration, respect, desire and joy.

All of my fate. All of my destiny. All of my force. All of my days.

Even when you look away, I will look near you, I will look toward you, to keep the worlds at bay.

There is only this: the unfathomable secret, our time. Our kiss.

_____ _______ Stanley Gemmell Love Poem (W/Distance) 10/12/2014 for violet

Stanley Gemmell

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