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Debbie's Fibro Story


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I got hurt at work Sept 21,1989 lifting lead spools, that color coated wire. Lifting it up to get it up on top of stack that was all ready 3 high. Something popped in my shoulder & neck.Did I stop oh no not me I always finish a job!!!

But I did go to the nurse after I was done.She put ice on it.2 weeks later the nurse sent me to a chiropractor,after she did ice,heat,tens. He did what they called a muscle test! I was "hurt" and they had me lifting weight!

3 months later the chiropractor Finally took X-rays.As far as I knew it showed nothing.From Sept 89 - March 90, they had me doing exercises

I went to a Orthopedic surgeon in WI He FOUND a bone scrapping another bone,that was why I could not lift my arm!Already been through 11111 at least 5-6 Orthopedic surgeons & 3 Nerve specialist.I agreed to see another for Artoscopic surgery instead of getting cut from armpit to armpit. They go in with a tube 3 small cuts & do all they can.So I had this done on,

July 31 1990.3 days later cast came off & I ended up in therapy again. stretch ,massage "seemed to help" moist heat helped,But I was NOT getting better.Dear God when was I going to be like I was before my injury? WHEN?

Oh yes during this time I was still working.I went back to work Feb 91 I think then I just could not handle the pain no more & the nurse would not do nothing & the surgeon said cents they did not cut me open none of the nerves,ligaments,muscle,tendons could be repaired."Now" you tell me.All he was able to do is grind off the bone & take the bur sac out.Now if he got a grinder into a tube why not tools to repair everything else?

needless to say they all acted like I was cured & I was NOT! I was far from being better let alone well,ha or as good as before.As of Aug.91 was my very last day of work.I got to where I was going to the nurse's office 3-4 times in 8 hrs.But yet she refused to send me anywhere.Back to the chiropractor,made me feel some what better.

Seen a regular Dr this time & he gave me some strong pain meds,but even his report wasn't good enough for any of them.No ones report was good enough.Not even mao's.......They only said Myofasial pain syndrome.Which meant nothing to them.Even they did not find Fibro yet.1992 I think was MAO'S,Where everyone says to go so I did.2 days of hell & no results.They even told me not to bother going to the pain clinic appointment they could not help you with your pain,I said ok & they looked down on that even.

THEY; meaning worker's comp,personal insurance,And SSD. In October 1996 I went to my foot Dr.he gave me some pads to put in my shoes to help with the spots where I has no muscle & no meat.I assume from standing on concrete in the factory.He sent me to a rheumy for Raynauds syndrome.toes & fingers turn white.

As soon as that Rheumy LOOKED me he said you have fibro I said what? I had never ever heard of that before.I was flabbergasted I went to him for my feet and he told me something no other Dr ever had before no other Dr had any idea what was wrong with me.He gave me injections 1 in each knee 1 hip & 1-2 other spots.Oh my God I was able to do the dishes.a few days.I vacuum the whole trailer.& even though I felt better I knew I had over done it,but I also had what a difference.

Here is this Dr with the most beautiful heart I'd ever seen or met.Thank you Lord for sending him to me.Yes I have a name for whats wrong with me.

We'll 2 weeks later I ended up in ER vomiting ,dizzy, spinning and there terrific Doctor would NOT come in until they got blood from me.HA Right Blood from me yeah right.Well after maybe 2-3 hours they finally got some.

I do not remember the Dr coming in at all but the next day a lady Dr came in and said I was border line Diabetic II. Diet & meds.Ok so why was I so sick?They did not know but yet I also over heard from the hall that I possible had food poison.My husband ate what I ate.He was not sick.

Symptoms;water diarrhea,dizzy,room spinning,nausea vomiting,or trying to breathing very hard to breath you take deep breaths trying to make sure you KEEP ON breathing."just knowing your dying" and sometimes severe cramping not just in your belly but your whole front part.Breast bone to pelvis.I put a sheet around me when this happens & get it as tight as I can, only this time it did not work.Very weak,you think your hollering but it only comes out as a whisper.

So far The only KNOWN thing that helps with those symptoms is PRAYER!!!! Yes my mother got a call at 2 am one morning,she prayed with me & I got better immediately.Thank you Lord! The Dr.'s have no idea what is but God Knows & fixes it.

From what I see in the newsgroups it is another symptom of Fibromyalgia. cents no doctors care about learning about Fibro none of them knows anything about it,let alone any of it's symptoms.

There is more to this dizziness than just being dizzy,last time I had what I call "the weird feeling" I had not taken any medication for maybe 3 weeks & that was just 1-2 times in the past month so it can not be blamed on any all.

HEY Found a name to put on this one too!

National Library of Medicine site and came up with the following definition of vasovagal syncope: National Library of Medicine: IGM Metathesaurus Information Screen Concept is Syncope, Vasovagal Definition A transient vascular and neurogenic reaction marked by pallor, nausea, sweating, bradycardia, and rapid fall in arterial blood pressure which, when below a critical level, results in loss of consciousness and characteristic electroencephalographic changes. It is most often evoked by emotional stress associated with fear or pain. It is also called vasovagal attack and Gowers' syndrome. (Dorland, 28th ed, p159)

Then in 96 came more tests found out I have Osteoarthitis,Tendentious & Bursitis in all joints,after x-ray of neck & head he asked me if I ever had a neck injury,I said no,but now that I think about it YES when I injured my shoulder my neck was injured also.No more was said of the neck though. SSD Denied again So I am appealing again.The Dr.Refuse to put on paper What they tell me. Do you know of a Dr of his word? This is my LAST chance to get back pay from 8/91.

I had a X-ray of my chest March 29,2002 before I got home they called me wanting me to come back for a ultra sound I had a mass in right lung the size of a orange they took it out first week of April Thank you Lord it was not cancer

Then as I was STILL in the hospital the SSD judge wanted me to come before him again 3 more Dr as I was healing April-May June it was APPROVED :oO yes! I finally got my disability May 2003 They Only go back 3-4 years But I DID get it Thank you Lord
I still have the bad spells light headed throw up with diarrhea some day it might be diagnosed also.

April 2005 eye dr said I needed to see the glaucoma dr to have cataracts taken off Dr Wadhawa TOLD me Oct & Dec there was nothing he could do to improve my eye sight now I am TOLD it cataracts are all dr's liers?

I got them both out & Jan I went to different dr he said Lt one had shifted up or was not centered when put in that will be for life,but I can see better than I ever remember seeing

Jan 2006 Finally got the upper & lower done everything was fine there.but even though I take Nexium I still have too much acid in tummy G.E.R.D.

March 9,2006 Dr Chinn sent me to ear nose throat doctor for my swollen lymph node under chin which popped up June 2005 & 2 times more. he said gingivitis and I have NO teeth!! He sent me to the oral surgeon that put my implants in 1994,he said my diabetes was rejecting my implants took them out 3/14/06 had 3 infections.. have not had sour tummy since then.Thank you Lord!

I have been told the bone & bone marrow will grow back in 6-12 months.bone marrow was totally gone. the dr did not see this the CT I had twice did not show this & dentist told me when you have a X-ray with the metal in there you get a star burst you can not see anything so why even do it?

oh I had my diabetes blood work due the day before surgery they did do a white & Red blood count no sign of infection & here I had 3 infections.

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Mayo's 18 Trigger points Of Fibromyalgia


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