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The Social Movement & Reform Page

This page expresses my deep interest in social issues. I battle poorism, racism, sexism,ableism, homophobia, child abuse, spousal abuse, elder abuse, power inequality while fighting for social justice, social equality, disability issues and mental health issues.

The following is a brief description of some of the local groups that do great work.

The Halifax Regional Anti-PovertyNetwork

The Down East Spiral Network

Men for Change (which is a part of Mensnet),and

  Men Against Violence Webring
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You can also read an internet article on Men for Change which I was interviewed for.

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Nova Scotia Divison

The Metro Coalition for a Non-Racist Society

The Community Participation Commitee at the Nova Scotia Hospital.

For details my community / volunteer involvement you can check out the Volunteer and the Membership sections of my Resume.

Sociology Links

Social Work Links

Psychology Links

Mental Health

Favorite Social Movement & Reform Links

Men For Change
Metro Coalition for a Non-Racist Society

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