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Yuka Sato

Yuka Sato is a natural born champion. Her father was a Japanese born skater, her mother was an Olympic figure skater, and her grandmother was a skating teacher. Yuka is a two-time Japanese champion. She is a skater who fully utilizes her abilities - with great edges and flow. Yuka's mother was surprised with Yuka's 1994 World Championships victory. She was afraid that Yuka would make mistakes under pressure like she did.

After the 1994 Worlds, Yuka made her way into the professional circuit. Many have been impressed with Yuka's transition to the professional ranks. She would travel half way across the world just to compete, and many times while enduring jet lag. Yuka also caught on quick to "what works" in the professional world. She won four consecutive events against the best pros in the world: the Rider's Triple Crown, World Pro Championships, Pro Championships, and Challenge of Champions.

Yuka married Jason Dungjen on June 5, 1999. Jason is a former U.S. pair champion. The couple has been practicing together every day as a pairs team. At each practice they add new lifts and elements. So far, response to the pair has been good. The couple debuted in an exhibition this year (1999). Yuka would like to become as skilled at skating pairs as she is at singles skating. Good luck to Yuka and Jason in their marriage and I look forward to seeing them develop on the ice as a pair team.

Bio used with permission Chris Edwards


Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate: February 14, 1973
Home: Japan and Detroit, Michigan
Mother: Kumiko
Father: Nobuo
Started skating at age 4
Coach: Jason Dungjen(previously Peter Dunfield)
Choreographer: Lee Ann Miller
Personal: Married in June 1999 to US pairs champion Jason Dungjen

Competitive File

1994 Olympic Winter Games-5th
1994 World Championships-1st
1994 Challenge of Champions-2nd
1994 World Professional Championships-3rd
1995 Challenge of Champions-1st
1995 World Professional Championships-1st
1996 Challenge of Champions-3rd
1996 World Professional Championships-2nd
1997 Challenge of Champions-3rd
1998 Challenge of Champions-1st
1998 World Professional Championships-2nd

Yuka on the Web

Yuka Sato-World Champion
Yuka Sato at On the Ice

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