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Josee Chouinard

"If you are ever blessed enough to spend time around Josee Chouinard, she's one of the kindest, sweetest, most honest people you'll ever meet. To spend thirty seconds with Josee is to fall in love with her. She is an absolutely wonderful person."-Scott Hamilton

Josée Chouinard is one of Canada's most honored skaters with three national championships to her credit. She captured her first title in 1991, then won back-to-back crowns in 1993 and 1994. Chouinard represented Canada at two World Championships and two Olympic Games.

Chouinard qualified for the Canadian Olympic Team in 1992 and 1994 taking ninth place in both Albertville and Lillehammer. She turned professional following the Lillehammer Games and earned first place at the Canadian Professional Championships, just her second pro event.

Josée reinstated as an amateur in April 1995. In the inaugural year of the international Grand Prix of Figure Skating, she earned three podium finishes, two bronze and a gold.

Josée's natural enthusiasm and unstoppable smile has endeared her to skating audiences around the world. Her warm personality and love of skating shines through in every performance.

A native of Quebec, she was named one of the Top Five Best Dressed Women in Canada by the Toronto Globe & Mail in 1994. Josée has combined her love of skating and her interest in fashion by representing Joseph Ribcoff for their 1996 fall launch at Rockefeller Center in New York City. She is also an ambassador for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


Born: August 21, 1969 Rosemont, Quebec CAN
Hometown: Laval, Quebec CAN
Height: 5'2"
Coach: Louis Stong
Choreographer: Sandra Bezic
Skating Club: CPA Les Lames d'Argent de Laval
Training Town: Toronto, CAN

Competitive File

1994 Olympic Winter Games-9th
1994 Canadian National Championships-1st
1994 World Championships-5th
1996 Canadian National Championships-2nd
1996 Champions Series Final-3rd
1996 Canadian Professional Championships-4th
1996 Ladies Professional Championships-3rd
1997 Ladies Professional Championships-2nd
1997 Canadian Professional Championships-1st
1997 World Professional Championships-5th
1998 Skate x2 (Team)-3rd
1998 Canadian Professional Championships-2nd

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