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Silk's page of poems #2

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Welcome to my second page of poems. Everything here is written by me so if you would like to copy something and send it to someone you know please give me the credit for writing it. Thanks so much for surfing by, and please sign my guest book


When things go wrong
As they sometimes will
And the battle of everyday life seems to be going uphill
Try not to worry
Try not to cry
Don't give up just yet
Don't lay down and die

Tomorrow will be here sooner than you think
So don't let life's heartaches push to the brink
Don't hang your head in sorrow and disgrace
Just take a deep breath
And remind yourself that to the people who love you
You always take first place

When things aren't always what they seem to be
Know that I have set aside of special place in my heart for you and me
A place where judgment is never passed
And scornful words are never cast

Melissa aka Silkqueen2


Some where in the early twilight hours
The citizens of fantasy prepare to burst into life
Fairies ready themselves to take part in flight

The moon slips into her prettiest star studded gown
The daytime reality comes to an end
and the world of childhood fantasy is about to begin

The sirens sing a seductive song
One that will end at the first sign of the dawn

This beautiful world is just outside
But can only be viewed through the eyes of a child

Melissa aka Silkqueen2


I would sell my soul without hesitation
Give up all that I own without reservation
Walk to the ends of the earth for you
Is what I would be prepared to do

I would be prepared to lay down and die
If it meant you would never have to cry

If I could take all your pain away
Leaving you only with happy days
I would do it for you without a doubt
Because to me that is what true love is all about

Melissa aka Silkqueen2


We all have our moments in the shadows of doubt
With today's busy lifestyles there is always some
major problem to worry about

Just when you think you'll never figure it out
Someone who cares gives you some choices to think about
So next time you are lost on life's highway of doubt
Stop and ask one of your friends if they can think
of a better route.

Melissa aka Silkqueen2


Sometimes it is difficult to see things in the right light

Try as you will sometimes things just dont turn out quite right

We all make mistakes as we go through life
But that doesnt mean you stop and give up the fight

All you have to do is step back and look at things
in a different light

It is then that you will see that everything will be allright

Melissa aka Silkqueen2


People pass on what they receive
So does that mean it's my turn to make
some poor soul grieve?

Do I walk on their heart like you did to mine?
Do I pass the same sorrow down someone else's line?
Shoving all of the good memories spent together
To the back of my mind.

Should I run just like you when they say they care?
Or should I play the same game of truth or dare?

Just as you do
And turn into something as cold as you?

Should I prance around loving only myself?
Never stopping to think of anyone else.

Should I fill my head with happiness and glee
When I think someone is hurting because of me?

Well remember that old saying "What comes around goes around"
And someday you'll be someone's heart broken little clown.

Melissa aka Silkqueen2

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