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Scanner List for NE Missouri and Western Illinois

User Frequency Use Location
Kaiser, Andy 30.800 Farm Palmyra, MO
Arnold Funeral Homes 31.160 Funeral Home Lewistown, MO
Pepsi-Cola 33.160 Trucks Quincy, IL
Straightedge Concrete Contrustion 35.140 Concrete Construction Quincy, IL
Bleigh Contruction 35.360 Concrete and Construction Palmyra, MO
Adams Highway Dept 39.500 Road Crews Adams County, IL
Illinois Nat Guard 40.950 Official Use Illinois
Missouri Highway Patrol 42.020 State Patrol- Mob to Mob Macon, MO
Missouri Highway Patrol 42.060 State Patrol- Base Dispatch Macon, MO
Missouri Highway Patrol 42.120 State Patrol- Mob to Mob Macon, MO
Missouri Highway Patrol 42.220 State Patrol- Mob to Base Macon, MO
Illinois State Police 42.500 State Police- Weather Net Pittsfield, IL
Illinois State Police 42.600 State Police- Base Dispatch Macomb, IL
Illinois State Police 42.620 State Police- Base Dispatch Pittsfield, IL
Illinois State Police 42.680 State Police- Mob to Base Pittsfield, IL
Hollembeak Construction 43.080 Construction Quincy, IL
Kelly Lime and Rock 43.180 Rock Quarry Newark, MO
Illinois Department of Transportation 47.300 Road Crews Quincy, IL
American Red Cross 47.420 Emergency Serv ice Nationwide
Blicks Construction 47.520 Construction Quincy, IL
Heetco Inc 47.640 LP Gas Distributor Lewistown, MO
CIPS 47.940 Utilities Quincy, IL
CIPS 48.140 Utilities Quincy, IL
Union Electric 48.380 Electric Hannibal, MO
Northeast Power 48.600 Electric Utility Palmyra,
WV9M 145.130 Amateur Radio Godfrey, IL
KD9VA 145.195 Amateur Radio Quincy, IL
WIARC 147.030 Amateur Radio (W9AWE) Quincy, IL
WB9OTW 147.135 Amateur Radio Quincy, IL
WV9M 147.210 Amateur Radio (29.66 Repeater Link) Godfrey, IL
Adam's Service Station 150.830 Tow Trucks Quincy, IL
MO Highway 151.070 Road Crews Missouri
Quincy Park District 151.145 Park System Quincy, IL
MO Conservation 151.370 Conservation Agents Missouri
Geisendorfer Farms 151.595 Farm Lewistown, MO
Hilbing Autobody 151.655 Towing Service Quincy, IL
Shutjer Heat and Plumbing 151.715 Heating and AC Hannibal, MO
Frieden Farms 151.745 Farm Taylor, MO
Peters Heating and Air Conditioning 151.745 Heating Contractor Quincy, IL
Gallaher Electronics 151.775 Radio Service Quincy, IL
Brown Electric Construction 151.775 Contractor Quincy, IL
Tallman Tire 151.805 Tire Service Hannibal, MO
Brown, Don 151.805 Farm Williamstown, MO
Quincy Country Club 151.835 Golf Course Quincy, IL
Harris, Inc 151.835 Radio Manufacturing Palmyra, MO
Cable Plowing Company 151.895 Underground Cable Installation Lewistown, MO
Landscaping Brothers Nursery 151.925 Landscaping Contractor Quincy, IL
Marquette, Ansel 151.955 Radio Servicing Ewing, MO
Adam's Electric Coop 151.985 Electric Coop Golden, IL
GTE Systems 151.985 Telephone Repair Monroe City, MO
Wood, Harold 152.300 Trucking Ewing, MO
Mc Keever Communications 152.300 Radio Service Quincy, IL
WGEM 152.300 Television Quincy, IL
Dawson Farms 152.315 Farm Ewing, MO
Hannibal School District 152.360 Buses Hannibal, MO
Marion County R-II Schools 152.360 Buses Philadelphia, MO
Gem Electronics 152.480 Radio Repair Quincy, IL
Quincy TV and 2 Way Communications 152.480 Radio Service Quincy, IL
Genebacher, Melvin 152.480 Contractor Quincy, IL
Gard Fertilizer 152.870 Chemical Applicators Taylor, MO
Western Ready Mix 152.900 Cement Plant Quincy, IL
Continental Cement 152.915 Cement Plant Hannibal, MO
McRoberts Farms 152.915 Farm Monticello, MO
Central Stone Co 152.930 Rock Quarry Various Il&MO Quarries
Plank Fertilizer 152.945 Chemical Applicators Palmyra, MO
Gem City Ready Mix 152.960 Cement trucks Quincy, IL
Brumbaugh Fertilizer 152.975 Chemical and Fertilizer Taylor, MO
Bevill Fertilizer 152.990 Spraying Philadelphia, MO
Continental Cement 152.990 Cement Plant Hannibal, MO
Morris, Richard 153.020 Metal Fabricator Williamstown, MO
Continental Cement 153.020 Cement Plant Hannibal, MO
Buswell Farms 153.020 Farm Newark, MO
MFA Exchange 153.050 Farm Products Palmyra, MO
Cyanamid Realty Company 153.080 Plant Operations Palmyra, MO
Continental Cement 153.125 Cement Plant Hannibal, MO
Cyanamid Realty Company 153.200 Plant Operations Palmyra, MO
Quincy Soybean Company 153.260 Plant Operations Quincy, IL
Cyanamid Realty Company 153.335 Plant Operations Palmyra, MO
Great River Gas Company 153.344 Gas Utilities Canton, MO
Morgan Fertilizer 153.365 Chemical Suppliers Williamstown, MO
Cyanamid Realty Company 153.395 Plant Operations Palmyra, MO
Missouri Electric COOP 153.470 Electric Utility Palmyra, MO
Lewis County REC 153.545 Electric Utility Lewistown, MO
Lewis County 153.815 Water District Monticello, MO
Kirksville Fire 153.890 Fire Kirksville, MO
Quincy Fire Dept, Fire Ground 153.890 Fire At The Scene Quincy, Il
Palmyra, City of 154.140 911 System Palmyra, MO
Adams County Rural Fire 154.265 Fire Adams County, IL
Hannibal Rural Fire Dept 154.280 Fire Hannibal, IL
Quincy Fire 154.310 Fire Quincy, IL
Hannibal Fire Department 154.310 Fire Hannibal, MO
Ewing Fire 154.370 Fire Ewing, MO
Bronestine, Randy 154.515 Farm Monticello, MO
Marion County Implement 154.515 Farm Equipment Serv Palmyra, MO
Quincy Public Schools 154.515 Buses/Security/Maint Quincy, IL
Blessing Hospital 154.540 Hospital Use Quincy, IL
Insight Cablevision 154.540 Cable Installation Quincy, IL
Midwest Brick and Block 154.540 Concrete Products Quincy, IL
Lay, Ralph 154.540 Farm Lewistown, MO
Quincy Soybean Company 154.540 Soybean Plant Quincy, IL
Illinois State Police 154.680 State Police Macomb, IL
Illinois State Police 154.680 State Police Pittsfield, IL
Marion County Sherrif 154.725 Marion Co.Sherrif Marion, County MO
Ralls County Sherriff 154.860 Police New London, MO
Quincy Police 154.875 QPD Ch.8 Quincy, Il
IREACH 155.055 Multi Police Agency Use Quincy, Il
Blessing Hospital 155.340 Ambulance to Hosp Quincy, Il
Missouri Sheriff 155.370 Point to Point Missouri
Hancock County Sherrif 155.415 Sherrif Hancock Co. Il
ISPERN/Mutual Aid 155.475 Police Dept Multi Agency Illinois/Missouri
Lewis County Sheriff 155.475 Police Monticello, MO
Hannibal Police 155.580 Police Hannibal, MO
Quincy Police 155.625 Police Main ChannelQuincy, Il
Lewis County Sheriff 155.730 Police Monticello, MO
Adam County Sheriff 155.745 Police Quincy, IL
Lewis County Ambulance 155.940 Ambulance Canton, MO
Lewis County Sheriff 156.150 Police Monticello, MO
Barges 156.350 River Traffic Mississippi River
Canton Marine Towing 156.350 River Barges Canton, MO
Mississippi Lock and Dams 156.700 Marine Navigation Mississippi river
US Coast Guard 157.050 Work Channel Keokuk, IA
US Coast Guard 157.100 River Stages Keokuk, IA
Barges 157.150 River Transport Mississippi River
Davis Funeral Home 157.560 Funeral Home Canton, MO
Donaldson Co Inc 157.620 Unknown Quincy, IL
Keller Farms 157.665 Farm Taylor, MO
E A Wand Plumbing and Heating 157.680 Plumbing Contractor Quincy, IL
Koenker Plumbingand Heating 157.680 Plumbing Contractor Quincy, IL
Cyanamid Realty Company 158.310 Plant Operations Palmyra, MO
Continental Cement 158.325 Cement Plant Hannibal, MO
Schroeder Farms 158.355 Farm Ewing, MO
Neil Oil Company 158.385 Oil Distributor Quincy, IL
Quincy, City of 158.745 Buses Quincy, IL
Burlington Northern 161.100 Railroads Areawide
AMTRAK 161.100 Railroad Areawide
KHMO 161.640 Remote Pickup Hannibal, MO
US Army Corps of Engineers 163.415 General Use Nationwide
US Army Corps of Engineers 163.535 Operations Mark Twain Lake
Quincy Broadcasting Inc. 173.225 Quincy Herald Whig Quincy, IL
Sutter Inc 173.390 Unknown Taylor, MO
Knox County Water Dist 451.125 Radio Telemetry Knox City, MO
Illinois Bell 451.500 Telephone Repair Quincy, IL
J.M. Huber 452.125 Limestone Supplier Quincy, IL
Morgan Fertilizer 452.175 Chemical Suppliers Williamstown, MO
Lewis County SWCD 453.150 Water Management Monticello, MO
Knox County Water Dist 453.225 Water Maintenance Knox City, MO
Illinois Veteran's Home 453.875 Nursing Home Quincy, IL
A & W Communications 460.725 Radio Service Hannibal, MO
Quincy Metropolitan Exposition 461.075 Tourism Quincy, IL
Sutter Electric 461.100 Construction Taylor, MO
Supreme Electric Compay 461.125 Electric Contractor Quincy, IL
Agri-Med Clinic 461.150 Veterinarian Palmyra, MO
Shelby County School Dist 461.150 Buses Shelbina, MO
GEM Electronics 461.175 Radio Service Quincy, IL
Farmer's Cooperative Serv 461.225 Farm Coop Palmyra, MO
Hoerr, Norman 461.325 Farm Taylor, MO
Overhead Door Company 461.350 Garage Door Installation Quincy, IL
Lewis Seed Farm Inc 461.350 Farm Quncy, IL
Shaffer and Sons Construction 461.350 Contractors Quincy, IL
Datacom Systems 461.700 Quincy, IL
Van Meter, Michael 461.750 Farm Lewistown, MO
GEM Electronics 461.825 Radio Repairs Shelbina, MO
Bi State Communications 461.875 Radio Service Quincy, IL
Stone Haven Residential Care 461.925 Mobile Lewistown, MO
Luttrell Farms 461.925 Farm Lewistown, MO
Vaughn, Douglas 461.925 Radio Servicing Ewing, MO
Culver-Stockton College 461.975 College Maintenance Canton, MO
Lewis County C-1 School 462.000 Buses Lewistown, MO
Fretwell Farms 462.050 Farm Canton, MO
Quincy Soybean Company 462.075 Manufacturing Quincy, IL
Blessing Hospital 462.100 Hospital Quincy, IL
PET FOODS 462.250 Food Plant Hannibal, MO
PET FOODS 462.350 Food Plant Hannibal, MO
PET FOODS 462.450 Food Plant Hannibal, MO
GMRS Radio 462.550 General Use Quincy, IL
GMRS 462.600 General Use Quincy, IL
Glenayre Electronics 462.750 Electronics Factory Quincy, IL
Gem Electronics 462.800 Radio Repair Quincy, IL
Titan Wheel International 462.875 Manufacturing Quincy, IL
Bross, Chester Construction 463.200 Construction Hannibal, MO
Bruening Heat and AC 463.275 Repair and Install Quincy, IL
KHQA TV 463.275 Television Quincy, IL
Canton School District 463.325 Buses Quincy, IL
Fisher Business Supplies 463.325 Office Supplies Quincy, IL
Browning Ferris Industries 463.325 Waste Disposal Quincy, IL
KGRC Radio 463.325 Radio Station Hannibal, MO
Peter's Body Shop 463.325 Tow Trucks Quincy, IL
Mark Twain Rural Telephone 463.350 Telephone Repair LaBelle, MO
Eagan Bus Service 463.425 School Buses Palmyra, MO
Heimer, Kent 463.750 Construction Taylor, MO
Blessing Hospital 463.775 Hospital Quincy, IL
C& S Construction 463.800 Construction Hannibal, MO
Ehrhardt Electric 463.850 Contractor Quincy, IL
Quincy University 463.975 Maintenance Quincy, IL
Sharpe Land and Cattle 464.025 Cattle Farm LaBelle, MO
Mark Twain Rural Telephone 464.200 Telephone Repair Ewing, MO
Taylor Ag Group 464.250 Farm Taylor, MO
Cunningham, Fred 464.325 Farm Philadelphia, MO
John Wood Community College 464.325 College Quincy, IL
Richmond Well Drilling 464.375 Water Service Lewistown, MO
Culver Stockton College 464.450 College Canton, MO
Logsdon Farms 464.475 Farm Canton, MO
C-Com Cable Construction 464.500 Cable Laying Missouri
Quincy Mall 464.525 Security Quincy, IL
Underground Warehouses 464.575 Storage Quincy, IL
Elam Heating and AC 464.675 Heating and Cooling Quincy, IL
Golden Eagle Distributing 464.725 Beer Distributor Quincy, IL
Clark County Schools 464.775 Buses Kahoka, MO
Hannibal Iron and Metal 464.825 Metal Distributor Hannibal, MO
Browing Ferris Industries 856.013 Waste Disposal Quincy, IL
Federal Express 856.862 Package Delivery Quincy, IL
Robinson, Allan 856.013 Veterinarian Palmyra, MO