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~*~Reading Room~*~

Welcome to O/our Reading Room, W/we will constantly be adding more links as W/we find them or as they are suggested to U/us. If You know of any D/s reading or av sites to link please locate U/us, Sir_Explorer. or Explorers_angel or email U/us at thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

Castle Realm
Safe for new subs
BDSM Erotica
Wizdomme Pages
Steel Door
Naked-wonderful story
Newbie sub packet -great reading-
Kinky Cards
Carlys BDSM
Submissive BDSM Play Partner Check List
Gloria Brame
Lady Eroticas BDSM
Story of A -if you havent read this i recommend it -
Leather and Roses
JT's Stockroom
vixens playhouse
BDSM the local scene
the Slave Register
The Bondage/Dominance Sadism/Masochism purity test
Erotic BDSM Library