I'm fed up with religeon. I have found, in all my searchings, that religeon is just an extensions of the conflicts that reside within the human soul. There is no god, there is no devil, there are no great spirits out there, looking over all of us. So I am returning to my state of atheism (Cindy say's I'm Agnostic, not an atheist), and will most likely stay there indefinatly. Sorry to dissapoint. I will still post all the wierd religeon stuff if you guys ask for it, but if not, then... I won't. hehe. But I'll do it eventually. I do hope you'll all forgive me if I occasionally take a mocking approach to religeons. I don't mean to and I want to be as impartial as I can, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. (See me blaspheme against any such religeons here.)

What is the occult? I don't know.

I like the occult for no real reason in particular. I don't know, mabey I'm just really wierd. (those of you who know me are kicking yourselves at the obviousness of that statement). On the links I will supply below, you'll see my opinions (and some others) on whatever topic you find, be it Vampires, Witches, or anything I may put down in the future. Sometimes, things may not really pertain strictly to the occult, but they will all be links to wierd things that people don't normally think of. (and no porn, you sicko's. This is a relatively clean site).

Hans Online

A chilling Place


Webrings and Whatnot

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Bizaar But Wonderful Links...

Dragonwood. A fun and relatively easy to use page with wiccan wisdom and other things.
History and stuff about wicca. I haven't checked it out yet. Tell me how it is.
Val Kurtz (again) and her page 'o' wicca. ::sigh:: And Pez too...
More Wiccan Religeon stuff.
Vampire Origins and such. Check out the Home Page too!
Wicca Wicca Wicca! Wicker Basket Wicca! haha. I gotta get some new links...
A kick ass vampire page. I like it a lot.
My Favorite Vampire Page. It's really good. Go there. Now.
A Very Extensive Page of Torture Devices. No Porn, So Don't go Looking.

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