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The online home of the 
San Francisco Bay-Area musical
experience, OPIATE VOID!

- 07/12/04  
UPDATE 07-12-04 Back in the Lab! The Void has been living in the studio for the past month, putting together new material for the vahco album & working on electronic beats to combine with the next live sets. What a trip...the king of mod-eclectro music, vahco, making a strong pop album with live musicians on every track & OPIATE VOID - who earned their chops as a rock & blues house band & a live r&b monster - breaking out the 808! We have been scoping a few drummers out here in NYC for the next tour but there are many sides to Drummer X, many of them hidden inside a box. Don't be suprised to hear some Void tracks (or even YBS? classics) being snuck into some upcoming Empire-State vahco sets.

- 04/10/04
Big changes for the Void recently! Looks like home base for the summer is gonna be in sticky-sweet NYC! Losta recording on Vahco's next album, more Mo & YBS? tracks and shows a plenty on the East Coast! Tim isn't gonna be able to make it though so we thank him for his years of service carrying the heavy beats as Drummer X & hopefully we'll be blessed again and find somone fit to wear his unitard. You may have noiced that the Void has been playing the new tunes live but still hasn't released the album! Our attention to detail on mastering "This is the Sunset" will soon pay off in the inspiring and fun album that we've been sweating over! Vahco's "interesting Giraffes" album has been well recieved and an anxious public looks forward to his next work.  And Shen has been busy performing & slangin his collection of ghost stories, "Santiago;s Obake", in addtion to writing new tracks and beats for Mo & OPIATE VOID REMIXES.

- 09/22/03 
Hey kids! The Void IS back intact & we've been in the studio for a year! 
Meanwhile...Vahco is back singing & playing keys with us after completing his solo debut INTERESTING GIRAFFES, Moses (from YBS?) has also joined us in singing and playing percussion (Look for a new YBS? release due out this year). Shen has a new album of San Francisco ghost stories called SANTIAGO'S OBAKE and Tim X & Dave have been joining Brian & Shen in playing experimental shows around the Bay as WANDERING EYE & as part of Shen's OBAKE ORCHESTRA. Look for Vahco & Void at the monthly coverfest "POSER'S LOUNGE" at Red Devil Lounge in SF playing electronic & funk versions of Johnny Cash & U2. More Void, Shen, Vahco & Wandering Eye shows coming up. THANKS EVERYBODY for your support through all these years!! 

- Modern living! A victim of cybersquatting, our expected expanded site 
has been temporarily bumped from it's new home. You've waited long 
enough without an update and so have we. So untill the new digs are habitable we're opening for expanded business!

 New Music Samples (free downloads!)

 New Music Samples (free downloads!)

- 12/15/99 

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     - Shen & OPIATE VOID



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