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Hello! Thank you for visiting my homepage. I am a ham radio operator. I do mostly ssb and psk.

Like poetry? Love, children, war, radio friends - I write about what I feel.

Need some CB/Ham/DX radio information? How about some scanner frequencies? Check out my links section.

I have the TWRC chat on my page as well as some current QTH classifed ads. Please sign the guestbook, I would love to hear from you.

Kenwood 480 HX, Heil GM-5 Mic, Palstar AT2K

Bobber Hex Beam 10,15,17,20; Sirio 2016 10,12; Inverted L 40,80

(use your own call name and password)

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Bobber Hex Beam
QTH Ham Radio Classifieds
QRZ - Amateur Call Sign Lookup
The World Radio Club Forum - Great place for Cb/Ham Radio Information
DX 27.NET - A great place to check for information about dx!
MPTBBS WEBSITE - Gotta see! CB info, scanner info, computer tech help, flea market, etc.
PEGLEGS CB PAGES - Many good cb radio mods and various other info
DEFPOM CB & AMATEUR RADIO - Most all the information you need here!
UNCLE JIMS CB WEBPAGE - lots of great cb information and links!
BOOGIE JACK'S - Great backgrounds and animations!
GOT LAUGHS - Funny, gotta check it out!!
ODINN'S HOMEPAGE - Lots of useful information, DX, QSL, downloads etc...
DX ZONE - Ham and CB radio site!
DX & CB SITE - Everything from mods to 14 codes!
AEIWI - Great place to find a variety of information!
CITY FREQUENCIES - Scanner frequencies for all states and cities!
AMATEUR ELECTRONIC SUPPLY - Scanners to ham radios at low prices!
HOOKER'S PLACE - CB with a Southern Twang!!
THE QUACK SHACK - Great cb chat forum, equipment, technical help!
GREAT SOLAR WEBSITE - Sunspot and related information to see if we will have skip!
SPACEWEATHER.COM - Great website for solar and related information
PROFESSIONAL ANIMATIONS - Great place to get animations
CB TRICKS - Great place for cb mods and information
Alpha Uniform SWL DX Radio Club
TV Woodcrafts - Some homemade wood items from Hawaii. Ukulele, jewelry boxes, pens, stylus

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Jean and Alabama's Poems

Your Wedding Day
Inside My Heart
Hands of a Man
While You Sleep
*Special* DX Land
Love at the Lake
My Best Friend
The First Year
A Moment's Notice
Loving You
Ode to Spokane Kid
A World in Turmoil
Meant To Be

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