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Home IS where the heart is and at the moment my own is in a million pieces. I am decidedly Christian and I don't for a moment believe in coincidence. I "happened" to stumble onto a page while looking for someone, anyone else with a hotmail account as I was having problems with mine. Checking out sites at random, I stumbled on this one, the Sabrina Paige Aisenberg site about a missing child. I have seen missing child sites and rings before and while not unmoved by them, I have never been so influenced as I was by this one. Perhaps it was Sabrina's resemblence to my own precious babes, or my knowledge of how devastated I would be were my baby missing, stolen from her home in the night. I am in tears even as I write this. If you have seen this child, please follow the link and add your information to what has already been gathered. If you have NOT seen this child, please read her story and keep an eye open for her that she may be safely returned to her loving family. If you are a member of her family reading this, I cannot adequately express my sorrow for what you must be going through. God be with you.

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