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Nerf shopping list(if you have one mail me with price.)

top 10

1. Masterblaster-8 balls.1.8 seconds.Ouch!
2.ArrowStorm Powerful.Accurate.Discontinued.(D'oh!)
3.Ballzooka 15 balls. So there. *sticks out tongue*
4.N-B1 The most reliable gun EVER
5.Sharpshooter The gun that started the dart revolution
6. Bow and Arrow Simple
7.Missle Storm A mini ArrowStorm
8.Warthog two strong shots in one small gun
9.Big Bad Bow Dumb name, good gun
10.SuperMAXX 750 OUCH

Last updated: 4/12/01: Uh, just popped in to prove my existence among the living...Er, kay?

Danny_D, among the living

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