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Bro. Doug Cook, I have been teaching classes in church since 1973 and began with a ministry with children but now I am a Life Enrichment Teacher For Briarcliff Pentecostal Church ministering to the "Adults".

"My Heart"
My Heart "My Heart" is a very special lesson for all ages on "How To Please God." I recommend it to be one of the very first readings from my page.I have received comments on this study on "Pleasing God" from people all around the world. Please take a look at this and either send me an E-Mail or leave me a note in my guestbook.
"Bible Search Engines"
My Search "My Search" is a page with different search engines. Use these search engines to find words or root meanings of words in the Bible.
Bro. Doug Ask The Question
When will Jesus return for His church?

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