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Sooooo many pictures.

Where to begin??



Here I am feeling all sexy in front of my computer. Live from the DJ booth at (the former) Empire Nightclub with the one and only DJ Dave Myers. This is from the first time my friend Amanda came to visit me in Florida.  Here's another one from that trip... cool shades!! This is me, my sister, and my brother at Islands of Adventure.  I was definitely not very cool back in high school.  This is my hair.    Us silly kids sure  had fun on that cruise.  George, me, and this club diva Pepper Mashay.  Sleepy bedroom eyes.  Happy moron eyes.  Amy & Amanda's second  trip to come and see me.  Can you believe I let Walt Disney World do this to me?  Overalls and  blond hair?  What was I thinking?  Where'd that guy's head go?  Smile for the camera.  My eye.  Mine and Amanda's audition for Up With People.  I'd like you to meet my friends Michael  and Luke.