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Here it is. See this? You are witnessing one of the happiest moments of my life! See this guy over here? No, not the asshole with his tongue out, but the guy on the left? Recognize him? Alright then, that is Chris Cox. Ring a bell? He's only the best DJ in the whole f-ing world. That's right, the best. Don't even try to argue. It's not going to work. Should you care to further your Chris Cox knowledge, you can go check out the Thunderpuss website or his personal site. Listen to the audio samples, and you'll know what I mean when I say he is the best. I'm what you would call a groupie, of sorts. I've heard this man spin five times, two of which I was working in the booth with him on the lights. However, I am certain that I am boring you club music non-fanatics, so we'll move on to the more important part...

See this guy? Not the me guy, but the guy with me? Let me tell you, he's about the best boyfriend that ever existed. Ever. He rules the world. Incidentally, he's my first foray into the actual boyfriend world, and we've managed to keep together (and pretty happy, too) for Turn your jealous eyes away, bitch... he's mine!! Oh I'm kidding... I'm not that crazy. Really I'm not. Here's a picture of him just sitting there looking hot. Then here's one of us being drunk in the driveway at Steak N Shake.
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