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Reference Page Graphic Knowledge is Information properly used. This page will help you get more information from the source - or as close as we can get to the source. Many collectible manufacturers have websites so that's where we start. Then come other places that provide sound, unbiased information that is great to know. This will be a fast growing page because I'd like YOU to help build it. Let me know places that you found helpful in your search for collectible information.

That way, you, my friend, can help. While it is true that time does seem to 'fly' by at times, it is always up to us to put on the brakes and control the way we respond to everything! Enjoy the visits to these sites that make internet surfing such a pleasure. Reference Page Graphic World Travling Cats

The Link What's There
Bear Tales & Trails Information for both the "seasoned" Boyds collector as well as for the novice collector. One of the oldest newsletters out there.
Bears N Buddies This site has it all for the collectors. It is a must for all who collect. Check back often to stay up to date!
Boyds Collector Forum There is a lot of fun and information here for every Boyd's collector. You will find it easy to navigate. There's an auction, contests and a lot more.
Bucchioni Bears Collectibles. Ltd. This newer line of plush just seems to get better with each passing season. Thank you Jack for all the great new designs!
Harmony Kingdom There are some VERY interesting pieces in this collection from across the Atlantic Ocean. The creators sense of humor will often make you chuckle out loud.
Humbugs Humbugs are one of the newer collectibles for last years Christmas holiday season.
Silverhawk's Creations Sam Silverhawk has two wonderful things going for him as far as Miss Sniff is concerned: Beautiful Native American graphics which we share with you during August and September and he has SILVER JEWELRY that is equally beautiful.
Webspresso Sally has a very easy site to travel through. It is one of the finest examples of "Internet Friendliness". So do get a large cup of coffee (so many pages, so little time) and enjoy what she has served up about Boyds products, Bucchioni Bears, contests and so much more!.

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Reference Section
Collectible resources for your collection of Boyds, Harmony Kingdom, and various other collectibles.
Native American Tradition
The first inhabitants of this great land will always have a fondness in my heart. Here I share some of their culture.
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I'm honored to recieve these awards. Links are provided to the site furnishing the award.

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