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Native American Tradition

Native American Page Peace Pipe

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The New School Prayer was sent to me and I am copying it as sent. I wish I could tell you who this student was but I don't know. So all I can do is post it here and add my own Thanks! to his/her work.

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Miss Sniff had many requests to keep the Native American information up longer than just a couple of months. In response, I've made it a permanent part of Miss Sniff's site.

To make room for this information I eliminated the 1998 & 1999 Rumor Mill Archives. I also eliminated the current archive section and will not keep any rumor/fact material longer than two months.

I am very happy the Native American area was well received because I have loved the Native American people and their culture since I was a child.

Please visit Mr. Silverhawk's wonderful site and enjoy his artistry. Take time to visit his silver-smithing area. You will be glad you did because his jewelry creations are wonderful. Thank you Sam for all your help with this project.


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Native American Tradition
The first inhabitants of this great land will always have a fondness in my heart. Here I share some of their culture.
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