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Mariah Picture's that you have never seen!!!!!

I you'd like one of these picture's please mail me and I would be glad to send you one. Also sign my guestbook and tell me what you think. All photo's are copyrighted. All these photo's my friend drew for me. Misty you are the bomb!!!!!! Thank you so much. Click here to go to here page and see more of her artwork. Duet2

Look at my thank you page for one more Mariah picture.

This is the cover photo of ATYNAF, the next picture is what it was taken from.

If you look at the copy I have it looks ton's better. It didn't scan that well. My friend drew this for my birthday present.

Mariah Carey-this was taken from Vibe in 1996 and drawn in charcoal

This is mariah at christmas time, Misty drew it in another form of drawing. It's called a chibi, and it's a Japanese form of drawing. You might find it on sailor moon

IF you can't take a good joke don't look at the next picture. This picture was just for fun. I thought of the idea and I asked my friend to draw it. She didn't want to but I thought it would be really cute. It is taken from the VH1 Diva's Live when Mariah's hair was huge. That's me in the corner saying "Now that's a big ol' weave!" It is drawn in the Japanese style.

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