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Music News


I have news on Toin Braxton--Album due out in may. Also backstreet boys album is out in April. Today on TRL Hanging Tough but New Kids On the Block was number 2. Kristen that was a great joke!!!!


I got two new singles today: Mariah Carey's "I Still Believe" and Jesse Powell's "You"

On Jesse Powell's single "You", it has 1) You, and 2)You - Darkchild Remix (feat. Trina & Tamara)

On to Mariah's new single.

Sorry that this one's dark.

Tracklisting: 1. Album Version 2. Stevie J. Clean Remix Featuring Mocha & Amil 3. Morales' Classic Club Mix I still Believe/Pure Imagination 4. Damizza Reemix Featuring Krayzie Bone & Da Brat 5. The Kings Mix


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TLC's new album "Fan-mail" is in stores the 23rd of Feb. Run and get it. It's there last album together. I can't wait!


Ok have sound files of Monica's remix and One of Whitney's. I need to know how to put them up so if anybody knows please tell me.

Updated 1-27-99

Ok I bought 2 singles, Whitney Houston's "Heartbreak Hotel" (Feat. Faith Evans & Kelly Price) Also Monica's "Angel of Mine", I'll scan the pic's and put them up by tonight take a look.

Updated 1-30-99

Ok this is what this single comes with:

Heartbreak Hotel (Feat. Faith Evans & Kelly Price)

1. Album Version

2. Hex Hector Radio Mix

3. Hex Hector Club Mix

It's Not Right But It's Okay

4. Thunderpuss 2000 Radio Mix

5. Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix

6. Thunderpuss 2000 Dub

7. Johnny Vicious Radio Mix

8. Johnny Vicious Momentous Mix

9. Jonny Vicious Dub

This is Monica's "Angel Of Mine" single

Angel of Mine

1. Angel Of Mine

2. The First Night (so so def remix)