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Automated Luminaire


Since the introduction of the Intellabeam® automated luminaire in 1989, High End Systems® has enjoyed a reputation within the professional lighting industry as the premier manufacturer of intelligent lighting. This tradition of excellence is carried forward with the Technobeam™ family of intelligent lighting.

For the first time ever, stunning light output and extended lamp life are combined with superior photolithographic image projection quality in a compact package destined to revolutionize intelligent lighting in retail, themed environment, entertainment, architectural and other applications. Technobeam represents a move by High End Systems into new materials, such as high tech polymers, that offer improved performance, enhanced aesthetics, reduced weight and quieter operation.


The Technobeam fixture's optical design delivers maximum power and efficiency. For high output with long lamp life, Technobeam features an efficient Philips® MSD 250-2 metal halide arc lamp source that delivers a color temperature of 6500 K.

The fixture's computer optimized elliptical/spherical system (patent pending) and coated optics achieve an unprecedented brightness, a remarkable >50% gain in light output and vastly improved flat field beam performance when compared with elliptical reflectors used in other fixtures of this type.

The fixture's lens tube is manufactured from lightweight, rugged, engineering thermoplastic.

Technobeam delivers great versatility to the operator in the sizing of projections through the use of a factory-installed standard lens set with 11° to 17° beam angle, or 8° to 12° with the optional narrow angle lens set. The luminaire's remote focus provides razor sharp beam or image projection at various trim heights and throw distances. As with all Lightwave Research intelligent luminaires, Technobeam includes remotely controllable and programmable full optical dimming, fade-to-black, and variable-speed strobe effects. The fixture's break-resistant mirror assembly has a pan of 180° and tilt of 95°. The mirror head features modular connectors, and may be easily removed to convert the Technobeam unit to Technoray™ or Technopro™ specifications.

IMPORTANT: Use only the MSD250-2 lamp in your fixture, not the MSD250. Technobeam is optimized for the MSD250-2 lamp and will give reduced performance with other lamps.


The Technobeam fixture's precision made dichroic color filters and high resolution LithoPatterns® are all manufactured in house by the High End Systems Vacuum Deposition Laboratory, resulting in a totally unique color palette and selection of visual media. High End Systems utilizes extremely close tolerance color selection to ensure a precise color match. All dichroic filters are fabricated on low expansion borosilicate substrates.
The fixed color wheel features 12 saturated dichroic colors plus an open (clear) position. A 3000 K color correction filter is included in this color selection. The low mass wheel is constructed from lightweight, rugged, engineering thermopolymer and delivers rapid color selection, continuous clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation at various speeds, and bi-color beam effects. The wheel assembly is fitted with sensors that automatically ensure that the wheel takes the shortest path to a selected color. All twelve stock color filters may be easily replaced with custom dichroic color filters available from High End Systems.


Technobeam uses a revolutionary new rotating, indexable, LithoPattern® system to handle graphic image selection and manipulation. This system features seven replaceable patterns plus one open (clear) position. Easily interchangeable pre-loaded polymer cartridges hold the rotating patterns, making Technobeam the natural choice for superior quality logo or image projection. Optional "drop-in" static LithoPatterns may also be inserted in the rotating litho housing behind the main pattern for layered moiré and multi-focus effects.
Technobeam also features a rotating Effects wheel with five replaceable, rotating effects. Frost, prism, and a selection of LithoPatterns Art Glass™ are included as standard. Because of Technobeam's razor-sharp image projection capability, it has become necessary to improve the resolution of the photolithographic images used in the fixture far above and beyond the visuals normally available anywhere in the lighting industry. Lightwave Research LithoPatterns® now feature lithographic image resolution in excess of 3300 dpi. Like the Color wheel, the Litho and Effects wheel housings and gears are constructed from lightweight, rugged, engineering thermopolymer.

Dichroic, Litho and Effects Specifications

You can install any High End Systems-manufactured solid dichroic filters, effects LithoPatterns® lithos, ArtGlass®, or Fusion Fire®.- if they were manufactured for use with Technobeam®, Technopro® or Technoray® and not another fixture; otherwise, the dichroics, lithos or effects might not fit in the wheels properly.

You can also install gobos or lithos from other manufacturers if they adhere to the following specifications:


  • Diameter: (30 mm +0.25 mm) (1.2" + 0.010")

  • Thickness: 1.8 mm +0.25 mm (0.069" + 0.010")


  • Diameter/image area: 25 mm/22 mm +0.13 mm (0.996-/0.860" + 0.005")

  • Maximum thickness (rotating litho only): 2.7 mm +0.13 mm ( 0.105" + 0.005")

  • Thickness (static litho only): 1.8 mm +0.25 mm (0.069" + 0.010")

Rotating effects wheel

  • Diameter/image area: 1.43"/1.04" + 0.010" (36 mm/26 mm +0.25 mm)

  • Maximum thickness: 4.4 mm (0.175")


Each Technobeam uses 18 channels of industry standard USITT DMX-512 protocol (14 channel DMX also available) , or alternatively it may be controlled by the fixture's unique internal 8-scene memory, an essential attribute for stand-alone retail and other applications. The fixture uses an LED display menu system that is similar to the award-winning Studio Color® luminaire, including firmware downloading and crossloading operations. Voltage requirements are user selectable from six switch-settable voltage/frequency combinations. The luminaire features near-silent operation, and an internal fan automatically adjusts its speed to compensate for changes in ambient temperature. At only 16 Kilograms (35 lb.), Technobeam is very portable. A sliding yoke provides increased hanging flexibility, and Technobeam may also be positioned on its rear carrying handles.

Imagine the durability of Intellabeam®, the effects and projection capabilities of Cyberlight®, the technological advances of Studio Color®, and the low operating cost of Trackspot, all in one medium-sized package! Technobeam is all this, and much more.

For more information on the revolutionary Technobeam, contact your High End Systems Authorized Dealer or Distributor.


standard features and equipment

Philips® MSD 250-2 metal halide arc lamp 6500 K stable operation Extended lamp life is achieved through the use of MSD lamp technology Factory-installed 11 to 17 degree beam angle with standard lens set Optional 8 to 12 degree narrow angle lens set Remote focus Full dimming and fade-to-black Variable-speed strobe Lens tube manufactured from lightweight, rugged, engineering thermopolymer Optimal flat field beam performance Mirror head features modular connection for quick, easy, removal and replacement Two-piece clear anodized elliptical/spherical reflector system (patent pending) plus coated optics deliver remarkable, >50%, gains in light output when compared with the elliptical reflectors and uncoated optics used in other fixtures of this type Ten high-resolution stepper motors with full microprocessor control Technobeam features 12 saturated dichroic colors plus an open position Color correction filter provides color correction to 3000 K Rotating, indexable, 8-position LithoPattern wheel features 7 replaceable pattern positions plus one open position Optional static litho facility is provided in the rotating litho housing for layered moiré and multi-focus effects Litho wheel housings and gears are fabricated from lightweight, rugged, engineering thermopolymer and aluminum. Effects wheel features five replaceable, rotating, effects Optional open slots at any of the five effect positions Effects wheel housings and gears made from lightweight, rugged, engineering thermopolymer Effects wheel features frost, prism, and selection of LithoPatterns Art Glass™ Pan and Tilt capability: 180° x 95° Yoke assembly features moving track for increased mounting flexibility Power Consumption:

  • 100/120/208 V. @ 60 Hz.; 3.75 / 3.13 / 1.8 A.

  • 100/120/230 V. @ 50 Hz.; 3.75 / 3.13 / 1.6 A

  • Weight: 16 kg (35 lb.)

  • Dimensions (without yoke):

    • With mirror head: 32.28 cm W x 24.13 cm D x 82.55 cm L (12.75" W x 9.5" D x 32.5" L)

    • Without mirror head: 32.38 cm W x 24.13 cm D x 53.34c m L (12.5" W x 9.5" D x 21" L)

  • Packaged (boxed) data:

    • Weight: 26.8 Kg. (59 lb.)

    • Size: 55.9 cm W x 43.2 cm D x 109.2 cm L (22" W x 17" D x 43 L)

  • Mirror head, projection bezel and rear bezel all made from lightweight, rugged, engineering thermopolymer

  • Aluminum side panels are processed with tough powder coating

  • Available as standard in black or white

  • On-board eight scene memory

  • Power factor correction

  • Molded, steel reinforced silicone rubber handles for easy transportation, lifting, and setup

  • Fan speed is self adjusting to compensate for ambient temperature conditions

  • Efficient power usage

  • Handles provide stable floor stand

  • 18 or 14 channel high resolution DMX control

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