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Discourses of Jesus in the Gospels
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Discourses of Jesus in the Gospels

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Discourses of Jesus (Chronologically Arranged)
Discourse Place Reference
With Nicodemus Jerusalem John 3:1-21
With woman of Samaria Sychar John 4:1-42
In the synagogue Nazareth Luke 4:16-31
Sermon on the Mount Nazareth Matthew 5-7
Apostles instructed Galilee Matthew 10
Korazin denounced Galilee Matthew 11:20-24
On healing the sick Jerusalem John 5
On plucking of corn Judea Matthew 12:1-8
On working miracles Capernaum Matthew 12:22-37
The bread of life Capernaum John 6
On internal purity Capernaum Matthew 15:1-20
On forgiveness Capernaum Matthew 18
At Feast of Tabernacles Jerusalem John 7
The adulteress Jerusalem John 8:3-11
Sheep and shepherd Jerusalem John 10
Against the Pharisees Perea Luke 11:29-54
On humility Galilee Luke 14:7-14
Obtaining heaven Perea Matthew 19:16-30
Concerning suffering Jerusalem Matthew 19:16-30
Against Pharisees Jerusalem Matthew 23
Destruction of Jerusalem Jerusalem Matthew 24
Farewell discourses in the Upper Room Jerusalem John 13-16
On the way to the Mount of Olives Jerusalem Matthew 26:31-35
On the Mount of Olives after his resurrection Jerusalem Matthew 28:18-20