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All About Lance

If your looking for info on Lance (my personal fav.) then your in the right place!! Enjoy!!

Full Name: James Lansten Bass
Goes by: Lance
Birthdate: May 4th, 1979
Birthplace: Laurel, Mississippi
Nicknames: Laid-Back; Scoop, cuz whenever his band mates ask him about the initinerary he'll always know the "scoop"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'8"
Hobbies: Baseball,Video Games, Horseback Riding, and Swimming
Family: mom, Diane; dad, Jim; sister, Stacey (who is 21 and going 2 be married December 20th); brother, Ford
Pets: None, but would like to have a dog
Favorite Color: Candy Apple Red
Favorite Food: French Toast
Favorite Movie: Mortal Kombat
Favorite TV Shows: Mad About You and Friends
Favorite Holdiay: Christmas
Favorite Pieces of Clothing: Old war suspenders and and Army sweater
Favorite TV/Movie Actress: Jennifer Aniston
Likes: the beach, adventerous things (such as skydiving, rock climbing, etc.)
Dislikes: Rap, People who prejudge you, and mushrooms
Before N'SYNC: A Vocal Coach in Memphis
Collects: Pictures, old comic books, stamps, antique knives and guns
Musical Inspirations: Garth Brooks and Boyz II Men
Biggest Fear: Things that buzz
Earliest Memory: His uncles wedding (?)
Most Disgusting Habit: Bites his nails and spits out the pieces
His Kodak Party Moment: Doing and impression of a squirrel eating a nut
Gets Annoyed When: He's trying to talk but no one is listening
Favorite Part of N'SYNC: Performing in front of people
What Makes Him Blush: Compliments
Advice He Would Give to Anyone Wanting to Start a Music Career: "Never give up, practice, and get a good manager"