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All About Justin

Wanna get to know Justin? Well, your in the right place!! Enjoy!

Full Name: Justin Randall Timberlake
Goes by: Justin
Birthdate: January 31st, 1981
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennesee
Nicknames: Curly, cuz of his hair; Shot, Bounce, cuz of basketball; the Baby; Mr. Smooth
Hair Color: Dirty blonde, but has blonde streaks in it
Hobbies: Basketball and shopping
Family: mom, Lynn; dad, Paul; half-brother, Jonathan
Pets: A cat and a dog
Favorite Food: Cereal (especially Apple Jacks)
Favorite TV/Movie Actress: Sandra Bullock
Favorite Model: Tyra Banks
Favorite Spice Girls: Mel B. and Emma (Scary and Baby)
Favorite Part of Being in N'SYNC: Being able to make music, meet people, and travel
Favorite Word: Crunk
Favorite Place to Shop: Just for Men (never heard of that, but oh well)
Collects: North Carolina Basketball Gear
Dislikes: Snakes (me too!), fake people, and his curly hair! (Aww, its cute Justin, really)
Most Prized Possession: His voice
Musical Inspiration: Stevie Wonder
Biggest Idol: Michael Jordan
Before N'SYNC: Singing and dancing on the Mickey Mouse Club (MMC)