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Effects of bad weather on Dairy Queen

Well, it's 1:34 am on January 5, 2002.  Tomorrow's weather (or I guess I should say "tonight's weather") calls for bad winter weather, including snow.  I have to work at DQ.  Business will be slow.  I'll probably sweep, mop, and clean bathrooms.  Maybe I'll "get" to wash all the pieces to the ice cream machine again?  As soon as I clean up the Blizzard counter and mop behind the main counter, some guy will come through the drive thru and order a couple large Blizzards containing nuts, coconut, and crushed Oreos.  These toppings always end up all over the floor for some unknown reason.  So, I'll clean it all up again.  After that, I'll stroll to the back where I'll refill my cup with 7-Up and cherry syrup for the 3rd time.  I'll probably get to leave about a half hour or so before my shift is over because the manager will start to notice that I've wiped down the already-clean milkshake machine 10 times in the past 15 minutes.  Ah, well, I don't really need the extra $2.50 anyways.  DQ only passes the time until I go back to school for spring semester. 


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