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Random thought of the moment for January 27, 2002: 

    4 Obvious Ways to Spot a New Teacher/T.A./Grad Student

As college students, we have 50 full minutes to do absolutely nothing except stare (some glare) straight ahead.  A new instructor is always easy to spot.  Here's how I know it's an instructor's first semester:

1. The instructor arrives to class way too early.  This can also be accompanied by the nervous shuffling of papers as he/she stands behind the podium.

2. When a student arrives late to class, they nicely and enthusiastically repeat everything they just told the rest of the class so the late student will know what's going on.  In college reality, we all know that doesn't EVER happen!  If a student comes in late, it's their own problem.  There's no reason to waste time for everyone else.

3. On the first day, the instructor raves about all of these great ideas and goals the class is going to accomplish during the semester.  At the end of the semester, we're still on Chapter 3. 

4. The new instructor won't let the class out early, not because they're not done covering the material, but because they "might get in trouble".  I don't understand...


DISCLAIMER:  This column has been written to share the insights, perspectives, and random thoughts of the college student's mind.  This information does not necessarily reflect the instruction methods  at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale. It posted for humor purposes only.

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