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Links of Interest

Fun time-wasting:

Any Birthday- Ever wonder how old somebody is? (only works with people over 21)
Text to Speech Converter- Trust me, this is a blast!  Wastes hours of valuable homework time!  

Computer related:

Fat Wallet- Hot Deals, Free Stuff, and Technical Support for computers
Anand Tech- Like Fat Wallet, but with great reviews on new hardware
PriceWatch- Links to the cheapest computer components on the Internet
Newegg- Cheap computer parts with seller ratings
Tech Bargains- Great deals on computer hardware

College related:

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale- Where I go to college
College Stories- College humor
Winston's Bagels- Best bagels in Carbondale
WIDB- SIUC's student-run radio station

** Music Downloads:

WinMX- My favorite; excellent selection and speed
KaZaA- Excellent selection of music and video files
Audio Galaxy- Great selection, but difficult to use in my opinion
iMesh- Decent selection of music, video, images, and more
Morpheus- Layout similar to KaZaA, good selection
LimeWire- One of the few mp3 sites that is Mac user-friendly

 **Note: If you access the Internet using SIU-C's services, you will NOT be able to connect to any of the music download sites between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. due to bandwidth restrictions. 


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