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Ignoring the "keep out" sign, as you open the door and enter the room, you are faced with the regal beauty of the Empress' Sitting Room as it once was. More importantly, you find yourself in the midst of a room which is in disarray. You hear the faint sounds of a clock ticking in the background as you take in the splendor of the room but see a rather imposing figure situated in the middle of the floor. Upon first impression it looks much like a statue, as unmoving as it is. Fine art pieces hang on the walls, and the sweet smell of the freshly cut roses fills your senses. You move to the couch and sink comfortably into it's cushions and notice a shelf full of books behind the chair in front of you. Your curiosity peaked, you get up and walk to the book shelf finding works of poetry and parchments of music amongst the many story titles. You hear the grandfather clock chime indicating the hour is new. Knowing the Empress should arrive any moment, you return to your seat and relax. All of a sudden you hear the booming voice over you "You are trespassing! LEAVE NOW!"


Email: Lady Dark Wolf

Two hearts entwined as one...
A Creation for the Lands of Knarl