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Welcome to the Thiatrë de Morë Art Studio. All of the Artists here are here to assist you in the creation of your personal Avitar or an Avitar for a friend. While you are please do follow a few rules to make your visit here as easy as possible. For those players in the Thiatrë de Morë and the Lands of Knarl as well as all other WoD Domains, all artists are equiped with clan symbols, clan shields, and Garou Glyphs.

1.When you arrive and wish an Avitar, Gesture, or Tour made contact a List Keeper as the Artists are normaly bussy with other coustomers. An Artist will contact you when they are ready to paint your Avitar.

2. While in the Art Studio please refrane from showing Tasteless Avitars, though an Artist may paint the Avitar for you.

3. Please refrane from playing numerous gestures. We do not mind you playing them just not constantly. As well you are more than welcome to play a recently created gesture.

4. Plese enjoy your stay.

Prince-Kalin (AV's, Tours)

_Tarina.. (AV's, Tours)

Rose_Shadow1 (AV's)

Wild-Wolf (AV's, Tours, Gestures)

LORD.DARK.WOLF (AV's, Tours, gestures)

Khanos (AV's, Tours, Gestures)

Babs-Wolf (AV's, Tours)

Lord_Flexx_Wolf (AV's, Tours, Gestures)

Monique_DePaul (AV's, Tours)

PrincessMaverick (AV's, Tours, Gestures)

Prince_Mortius (AV's, Tours)

Absolute_101 (AV's, Tours)

Nydien (AV's, Tours)

The one with Midnight in her name *changes often* (AV's, Gestures)

ICEr-CF (AV's, Gestures)

x-Tal-x (AV's, Gestures)

x-Tal-x (Artist as well)

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