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Casa De Knarl


Moments ago you were standing upon the stage of the Thiatrë De Morë, now you find yourself within the mist of a vale. Unknown lands to you and to others. You know not where you have gone, you know not where to go. Slowly in front of you the fog begins to reside. Slowly you begin to see a mass begin to form from the vast sea of gray. Very quickly you become awestruck as standing before you is a castle of grand brilliance and majesty. One by the likes you have never seen before. You have come upon the home and haven of the Lord Venta Morë. You have come upon Casa De Knarl, the castle of magic.



The Pool of Moons, The Hot Springs, The Thiatrë De Morë, The Inner Sanctum, Lord Dark Wolf's Meditation Chamber, ShadowKeep