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Online Gaming Rules ver 3.21 (Combat)


Though most disputes within the Lands of Knarl are prefered to be settled through political means, there are times when such arguments are taken to the level where a physical confrontation is inevidable. For such purposes are these rules for Online Character Combat.

Basic Information:

According to both the Lextalionis, as well as the six Traditions of the Camarilla, there is to be no combat on Elysium grounds, such would be a breach of Domain as well as Hospitality and is punishable by the Prince's Empress' or Sceneshal's discression. Training, and instruction is not clasified as combat for it is used to teach others how to defend themselves and their honor.

On a second note, if one kills another they are in violation of the right of Distruction and will be punished acordingly. Only the Prince, Empress, or Scenechal are able to give the right of distruction, or to call a blood hunt. Injuring a person to a state of torpor or rendering them incapacitated is acceptable granted they have the means to bring the person from torpor.

Combat Basics:

Combat within the Lands of Knarl is ruled on a turn by turn, round basis. In each combat round there are and equal # of actions per person involved in combat. At the beginning of combat the person with the highest level of perception takes the first action, second highest takes the second action and so on. In the case of a tie the person with the highest level of Athletics takes the first action. Again if there is a tie it goes on to a test between levels of dexterity, highest going first.

Once an order of turns has been established the first person does his action. An action incudes, drawing a weapon; punching, kicking, clawing, grapling or biting an opponent; attacking with a weapon; firing a weapon; or using a round based discipline. Once you dicide what your action is going to be use the appropriate attribute with your action such as using a sword, axe, club, etc. would require the ability Meele. Kicking, punching clawing, etc. would require Brawl.

Example: *Slashing across your chest with dagger* (Skill: Meele, lvl 2)

Note: You must use an ability gesture in order to do the attack. If you do not have an ability specifically for your action, your character has little experience of the ability, such it is level 0.

Once you have made your attack on your opponent they have the option to dodge the attack or to parry it aside (granted they have a weapon drawn). To dodge an attack from your opponent state your action (stepping aside, ducking, jumping etc.) in adition with your level of your dodge ability. If you posess a higher level of dodge than your opponents level of Meele, Brawl, Archery or Firearms you are able to avoid the attack. If you do not the attack is sucessful. In the case of a tie the person with the higher level of Dexterity suceeds. Again in the case of a second tie the one dodging suceeds.

Example: *Leans quickly back avoiding blow* (Tallent: Dodge, lvl 3)

Note: As the same with attacking, you must use an ability gesture in order to dodge. If you do not posess the ability to dodge your character has little experience of the ability, and such is level 0.

If the attack is sucessful damage must be assesed. A punch will cause one point of normal dammage, a kick will cause two points of normal damage. If you are using a weapon you must have an ST issued or approved gesture for the weapon. The amount of damage caused by a weapon differs from weapon to weapon.

Example: (Strikes with Short Sword, 3 norm damage)

With the example the person receiving the attack would take 3 points of normal damage. If a person takes 7 points of normal damage they are incapacitated, one more point of normal damage will kill the person if they are mortal. If the person receiving the damage is kindred or Garou and incapacitated, and they take one more point of aggrivated damage they are in torpor. If in torpor and they receive one additional point of aggrivated damage they will die.

If you are damaged from attack you are able to reduce the amount of damage you take by using your level of Stamina. For each point of normal damage you take you can decrease it by 1 for every 2 levels of Stamina you have

Example: *reduces damage by 1 (Stamina lvl 2)

If you are assigned aggrivated damage, for every 3 levels of Stamina you have you are able to decrease the aggrivated damage by 1

Example: *reduces aggrivated damage by 1 (Stamina lvl 3)

One round of combat lasts untill each person participating has finished with their actions. Once the last person has finished their action another combat round begins and the sequence starts over again.

Remember: Designate who goes first (Perception {Alertness [Dexterity]})
                    State your attack and ability used
                    Dodge test (Ability {Dexterity})
                    Assign Damage
                    Reduce Damage

                    7 points of damage = Incapacitated  +1 agg = Torpor  + 1agg = Death
                    2 points of stamina reduces normal damage by 1
                    3 points of stamina reduces aggrivated damage by 1

Advanced Combat:

Celerity: Celerity is a discipline that gives the user supernatural speed. For each level of Celerity you possess you gain one extra action per combat round. Normal round actions take place before any celerity actions are done. Before the order of combat is designated state what level of celerity you are using (this is a non action discipline). Remember to note that using celerity will expend one blood point.

Potence: Potence is a discipline that grants the user superhuman strength. Potence allows you to increase the amount of normal or aggrivated damage you inflict on an opponent. For each level of potence you posess you are able to increase the amount of damage by one. If you are using a weapon that inflicts both aggrivated and normal damage, potence will increase the amount of normal damage inflicted.

Fortitude: Fortitude is a discipline that grants the user unatural toughness. For each level of fortitude you posess you are able to decrease the amount of damage inflicted upon yourself by one. In the case of being injured by a weapon that inflicts both aggrivated and normal damage, aggrivated damage is reduced before normal damage.

When in combat if you possess the ability Acrobatics you are able to use such to evade attacks from your opponent in more dramatic ways and gain an advantage over you opponent. With the use of accrobatics one is able to role away from their opponent, spring or flip into the air, even vault over your opponents landing behind them. When using this ability to evade your opponent it is used as a dodge would be. If using it to jump, flip, vault etc. it is used as a players action.

Jumping Attacks: A jumping attack will allow a person to inflict more damage upon an opponent due to their added weight. When doin a jumping attack your opponent does their action before yours. If they make a sucessful attack, your attack automatically fails and the next persons action takes place or a new combat round begins. If you are sucessful in landing a jumping attack an additional normal damage is inflicted.

Suprise Attacks: If you are attacking someone who is unaware of your attack (attacking from behind, obfuscated, sudden attack ext.), the one doing the attack is the only one who does an attack during that combat round. Once the attack is over another combat round is started and combat continues as normal.

If you need any assistance in understanding any portion of the combat rules, do not hesitate to ask any of the ST's. ST's are designated by the *ST* on their information sheet.