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Online Gaming Rules ver 3.21 (Character Advancement)


As players continue to use their character, that character will learn things no matter what. They will become stronger, more knowledgeable and so forth. Unlike Dungans and Dragons where character advancement is a level based system, characters in the World of Darkness advance by building up experience and using it to increase attributes, abilities, and disciplines.

Gaining Experience Points: In the Thiatre de More and the Lands of Knarl players are able to gain experience through a few methods. Through combat, roleplaying, and training. If a ST is pressent durring a combat sceen and the combat is played out well enough, an ST may award those pressent with how much experience they beleave is deserved to each player involved. If a player does a good job roleplaying while an ST is pressent again the ST may award that person with as much experience points as they beleave is deserved. For new players who wish to learn the ways of combat, roleplaying ext. and another player or ST instructs them, both the player and the one being taught may be awarded experience. ST's will notify players of gaining experience by way of IM's. If no Story Teller is pressent and you beleave that a roleplaying sceen, combat, or training is worthy of experience simply save the TXT and submit it to an ST when one is present.

Note: All experience points awarded are recorded by ST's and compiled durring weekly meetings.

Using Experience: Once you have been awarded experience you may spend it to increase your attributes, abilities, disciplines, and willpower. Each aspect has its own experience cost to increase it's level, for these costs please refer to the following chart.

Item: Exp. Cost Max level
Ability current rating x 2


Attribute current rating x 4


Discipline current rating x 5*`


Out of Clan Discipline current rating x 7*`


Willpower current rating


New Ability 3
New out of clan Discipline 10`
Road (Humanity, Path) current rating x 2


* Caitiff have no clan-based Disciplines, just as they have no clan. For them, the cost of raising Disciplines is the current rating x 6 for all Disciplines. This is both a curse and a blessing of being Clanless.
` In order to learn and to advance out of clan disciplines, one must be taught the discipline by a member of a clan that has it as an in clan discipline. Note that some clans do not teach disciplines that are unique to their clan (ex. Giovanni, Necromancy)

Once you have spent your experience points on your character notify an ST and they shall send you the appropriate gestures.