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The Jonathon Taylor Thomas Link Exchange
The Jonathon Taylor Thomas Link Exchange

My Crush:

The hot star of the new movie Wild America just happens to be my mega-crush! He's been in such movies as: Tom and Huck, The Lion King, Man of the House, & Pinocchio. But he gained his claim to fame as Randy on the show Home Improvement. Besides being on a hit show & looking totally hot, he's a really great guy. He gets straight A's in school & raises money for many charities. He's also a vegetarian & loves nature. Anyway, if you love JTT, I hope you enjoy this page! -*Tia*

You are # to visit my page!!
Thanx for coming!!

Isn't he so cute!!(I'm talking about the dog not him)Just Kidding!!.

~Words of Wisdom~

OK, Tia here, Jadsea left the page to me. Well, I have a couple things I need to get off my chest.

1. I AM NOT JTT!!! So, don't send me his e-mails or I'll delete them. I've made a whole "Contact JTT" page so you could contact him. Use it.

2. In the "Question of the Week" if I give a clue, use it. When I asked "What is JTT's favorite movie?" with the Clue: Nicolas Cage was in it, then pick a movie with Nicolas Cage in it. No, Nicholas Cage is not in Wild America or Man of the House.

3. If I don't update much, it's because of three reasons. School, the fact I'm not obsessed with him, or that there isn't much to update.

4. Maybe its me, but when I visit a hompeage, I ALWAYS sign their guestbook or leave some kind of message. Homepage-makers LOVE that kind of stuff. That's why we keep the homepages up. I hope you have the same common courtesy.

~Tia's JTT Newsletter~

I am not discontinuing my newsletter & JTT Question of the Week. I don't really know how I'm going to do this but I will manage. Send me e-mail if you want a news letter & tell me what she usually does. Ok?

Oh yeah...He looks so young in this one! Such a fine boy!! ;-)

~JTT Writings~

If you have a story, poem, or just a fantasy you've written about, mail it to me. I am planning on making a page containing them called "JTT Writings." All stories will also be posted in Tia's JTT Newsletter. -*Tia*

Here's Jonathon with his new girlfriend, Nikki. Oh, goodie.

~JTT's Girlfriend~

Yep girls, its finally happened. Jonathon has a GIRLFRIEND! We all knew this day would come. He is too cute & smart & talented & nice to be single for long. THIS IS NOT GOSSIP. You might have heard in Teen Beat or Bop or 16 or seventeen or whatever that it was Jessica Bowman. Well it isn't. Her name is Nikki Hale, 17, and goes to his highschool. And yes, Jon DOES go to highschool. He goes one week a month and had a tutor on the set of Home Improvement the rest of the month. So, let's not go out and buy Nikki voodoo dolls, let's wish them luck. They really like each other and when Jon is happy, we're happy! ;-> -*Tia*

**Jonathon Taylor Thomas**

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~JTT Update~

Jonathon will start production this summer on his new movie, I Won't Be Home for Christmas. It is supposed to be a romantic comedy and will be released sometime in December 1998. He'll be traveling all over the world to promote it, but the dates and places haven't been released yet. So look out! He may be coming to your town!

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