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Aleph Bet Midrash. 47 x 60 cm. The Talmudic Midrash on the symbolic/ethical meaning of each letter of the Aleph- Bet. Silkscreen and gold stamp on Arches paper. Limited edition of 175.

Aishet Chayil- 23 x 45 cm. Silk screen mat, Gold stamp.

Aishet Chayil. 11.5 x 13 cm. hand painted print.

ALEPH. 30 x 30 cm. Offset poster. Hebrew text on the many symbolic meanings of the letter aleph.

Child print, 20 x 31 cm.

Rosh Hashana - New Years Card (wide format). 8 x 22 cm.

Rosh Hashana - New Years Card (tall format). 9 x 17 cm.
Call the Shabbat a Delight: original, gouache and Gold leaf on paper.

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