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Gatlin enters in From the darkness beyond A cowl covers his face But the pale skin shines still... Then he looks From out of the dark shadows His eyes, the freezing cold He looks the room The visitors here That have entered He welcomes them coldly And watches them wonder through I am watching you...

Vampire Yawn

The sun is a red yellow light Falling beneath the horizen But I donít see it. As I just awaken from my sleep. "Live Hard, Die Young, and leave a good looking corpse." -Zane Kindred: The Embraced

The Story

My day comes Your sleeping heaven Images in you mind Trapped in You never see me coming I enter your mind I enter your thoughts The I take it all away Fed, Now my time Time; lost if forever Games to play I must feed to pass Or lose myself The hunger is quenched (for now) Game to pass the night A lonesome soul Stands in the dark His heart bleeds out I go to him Save him from himself He can live tonight to please me To my lonesome dwelling I give him eternal life To play with...for my amusement Then his story... The abusive father The fighting The words The pain But the love of a mother And his watchful eyes See her fallen blood-bath Blood tear of my cheek A story...I weep As I take his life A sad soul... May he find happiness As my lonesome soul Never will...

Chasing Vampyr

The night So dark, so bright The stars don't hide For the moon to find (Pleasure) Chased pleasures into Looking in the soul Trying to find The truth inside (passion) Chasing passion flame Looking for the fire To burn the ice The cold heart that lies Chasing the hunger, does not fade Does not fall to the day Closed eyes red Day I die, night I rise

Vampyr Exotica

Nights addiction Exotic in mystery Trappin unconcious fear Still passion their In the eyes, stars glow Drawing in a birth of forever caring Vampyre Exotica Intoxicatiny desire The passion flowing The river pumping An open darkness above Heaven hides inside As the moon smiles mild Lost in forever's end Sadness Vampyre Exotica "I don't know what draws me Bright blind, darkness can't see Lost in my shadow I still forever at the night Silence so loud I can feel it Connection in my chest The LUST! Vampyre Exotica


I see him invade my nightmares He comes into my fears Steals away my life Makes me one with the night Enter through the window Look of fear takes me by I feel it and say no I don't want to go; He came and made me God tonight Devil in the night, I am here Come here for the fire Come to me and feel this desire Burn in the flame of my eyes I draw you in with lies Steal away the life of you There is nothing that you can do; I am your new found God I can make your blood boil and unclot I am hell for you to pay The night has become collection day...


I awaken to the birth of night Nativity in black I take flight In prey for someone new To take away from lifes do's and don'ts I hunt the night for prey Hiding form the suncursed day Out for desire in the red wine To feast on and dine My night, the cursed I chase and persue The scum whose blood I desire I am a vampyr Death is my friend For know many I bring end The devil is on my heels For my soul he wishes to steal Then a peace I find with a drop of blood I desire so much...? Just life


Night possession Has stole my soul With all the wonder I can't let go The night my home The sun burns my eyes The hurt I can't leave the inside Night come Keep me with you I need you I can't be without you


Burning rose Rise to the sky As a rainbow of forms And a mist lays A fog gently flows The night is over Time for morning dose
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