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Holistic Treatments for FeLV
and FIV Positive Cats

Here are some recommendations from Dr. Connie DiNatale, who works in a holistic practice in Westchester, on some supplementation for an FIV or FELV positive cat.

1.) Essiac Tea, fluoressence brand, mix or make according to directions and give 5-10ml twice

2.) Vitamin C -(use ester or buffered) 250mg Twice daily. Less if causes diarrhea.

3.) Vitamin E- 400 IU twice weekly.

4.) Vitamin A - 10,000 IU 2-3 times weekly.

5.) Co-enzyme Q daily if clinical signs of infection.

6.) Plain yogurt, small amounts of raw lamb, meat, finely chopped vegetables, sardine, Salmon.

Here is a recipe that was submitted to me by Mary Johnson. She says that her cat has made remarkable progress and is doing well under this treatment:

Echinacea with Ester-C (400mg) - l capsule split twice/day
Alternate Echinacea and Astralgus - 1 week one, next week the other
Astralgus Root (404mg) - l capsule split twice/day
Raw Liver tablets (484 mg) - 1/4 tablet once a day
Vitamin B-12 (1000 mcg) - 1/4 tablet once a day
Vitamin C (500mg) - 1/4 tablet once a day
-- Mary uses a little coffee grinder to powder everything and add to the wet food.

I must add a special note here for those whose cats have a history of liver problems or are currently experiencing Jaundice due to the feline leukemia: Reduce the Vitamin C down to 1/5 or 1/6 tablet- about 60mg.

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