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Kristy's Stories

Capricorn 1
Capricorn 2
Capricorn 3
Capricorn 4
Capricorn 5
Capricorn 6
Capricorn 7
Capricorn 8
Capricorn 9
Capricorn 10
Deep in Thought part 1
Deep in Thought part 2
Home Sweet Home
Love Must Be Blind

Tato's Stories

Multiple Identities
Stop the Insanity!
When Spirits Cross
Second Chance
Fine, Fat Friend
You'll Be Sorry
Enchantor of Foz
Perfect Mother's Day
There and Back Again...and Again...and Again!

Zeona's Stories

Harlan's Wish: A Love Story.

Suzee, Genius

Other Stories

Virus: Lethal Candy

Teaser ... This story is a total remake of "Cat's Out of the Bag". Please respond to it, the e-mail address is on the page of the story. :-)

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