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What do you think fallout 3 should include the most?

More vehicles!
More NPCs!
More cities!
More enemies?!
More guns!
More quests!

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06/25/99 11:45:56 PM - Armors, Melee weap.

Images of armors have a better quality. And melee weapons are done! (finally :)

06/25/99 10:13:04 PM - Not Much

I don't have much news today. Thanks for all the E-mails. I guess you voted yes for the pic of the day.

6/23/99 2:08:09 PM - Poll added

Now Enclave has its own little Poll. I think its working, but if you have any trouble with it just E-mail me. And send me ideas for the Poll!

6/21/99 3:08:09 PM - More stuff

First of all, thanks for the nice comments. John has been added to the mailing list. I'll have some more stuff about FO2 soon. What do you think about putting a "picture of the day"??? (something like this)

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6/17/99 2:14:09 PM - It's exactly one month

Well, it's been exactly one month since I updated. I was offline almost the whole time, or I should say I had no access to this site. I answered some e-mails but not all. Jason Hache was added to the mailing list.














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