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Library Display

My model horse collection was featured in a display case at the local public library. It was up for the month of April 1999. I placed index cards by each horse, explaining its significance or what it was doing. The focus was on collecting and showing, not the "toy" aspect.
Shelf #1 (Indian theme): Indian Horse pulling a travois; GaWaNi Pony Boy's book, Horse Follow Closely; Breyer's Kola; two Appaloosa foals. I explained the importance of the horse to Native American Indians. I explained Pony Boy's relationship training method and how Appaloosas were prized for their natural camouflage coats. Indian symbols were also explained.
Shelf #2 (General model horse info.): Five horses from traditional to micro; two foals (one OF, one CM); CMing supplies (paint, brushes, mohair); Cigar w/button and JAH magazine. This shelf focused on what model horse collecting was about and how real horses can be made into portrait models. I tacked question and answer cards (e.g., What can you do with a model horse? Model horses can be...) to the back of the case. I also put an issue of Hopscotch magazine in there, open to the page where my article appeared.
Shelf #3 (Performance): Jumper in english tack; Black Stallion in arab costume w/Walter Farley book; Western pleasure horse negotiating poles in trail class; small trophy. I explained what the horses were doing, how you "show" horses, and the difference between photo and live shows. I also put in a copy of the performance book I wrote (Games) along with a Rio Rondo catalog open to the tack kits page.
After I packed my boxes and locked the case, I watched a wide-eyed child pulling her mom to the display while saying, "Horses! Cool!" This is why I enjoy making these displays :o)

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