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Super Dance Records(I used to work here so YOU BETTER GO!!)

Mix Connection Multimedia(Home of Chicago's very own Bad Boy Bill)

Bobby D(The one and only Edit-KrAzY Man)

Beastie Boys(Awesome site with tons of pics and downloads)

University of Illinois-Chicago(My School)

Fat Boy Slim(Check out the mixes on this site!!)

Skint Records(My Favorite Record Label in the U.K.)

Neumann's Take On Chicago(My Cousin's Official Wrigleyville website) best place to shop on the web)

6 cool website)

Chicago White Sox(My Favorite Baseball Team)
The Simpsons Official Web Site(My All-Time Favorite TV Show)

Paul Somers Illustration(A GREAT site filled with GREAT illustrations)

Mass Communications(My School Group Project)

Charts All Over The World(Find Out What's Hot All Over The World)

4 (The Best Search Engine On The Web)

The Afro Squad(These Guys Are Pimps)

Faces Of Death(Not For The Weak...BEWARE!!)

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