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Coffin Joe (Zé do Caixão) is a grave digger in a small Brazilian town searching for the perfect woman to bear him a perfect child. Joe (played by writer/director/actor José Mojica Marins) will do anything to find the perfect woman, and won't allow anyone to stand in his way. He kills his wife, who is unable to concieve a child, and sets out to find someone else who can handle the job. He must produce a child to continue his bloodline, and thus, grant him his only chance at imortality.
Fangoria #148's article Monters & Mayhem by Mail speaks of how this movie sold itself to an American distributor:

...One of the biggest stories along that line happened a few years ago, when Brazilian journalist Andre Barcinski, visiting Seattle to check out the grunge rock scene, brought a couple of bizarre videos from his home country to show Seattle's Mike Vraney, the man behind Something Weird Video and an unflaggingly enthusuastic fan of off-beat exploitation cinema. "I'm watching these things, and I'm thinking 'Nobody here has even seen this footage, all this gore and crass, intense material,'" recalls Vraney. "I ask Andre, 'What year was this made?' and he tells me it was 1963, the year of [the pioneering gore film] Blood Feast. This man couldn't have seen Blood Feast. He has no reference point. So the guy who made this is a genius. It's as simple as that.'

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