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Knights Of Valor
Vi Et Veritate - "by Force and by Truth"
  SPIDERS NOW IN MECHS SELECTION. !!! FIGHT NIGHT !! every Friday Night at 9pm est sponsored by Lord Gypsy. WAR ON !!! In order to keep rank, be sure to get 2 wars in per week. Need 3 to get awards and promotions. Persons that have not posted a war in a month will automatically move to retirement, but will remain in Garrison. Hails ALL - Lord Redeye - 7/17/2002

KV Meets On Kali Server: Mechs
(Don't Forget to Bring your MECH!)


Castle KV,

Stronghold of the

Marik Commonwealth

Knight's Oath
We are the Knights of Valor, formed in battle like a sword in a fiery birth, to uphold and regain the Honor of the House of Marik. Only the corpses of rebels and renegades will remain amongst the ashes and bloodstained streets. I will Honor my Clan as I Honor my Family. I will Vow to uphold what is right, to all the best of my teachings from my Brothers. Beware all those who cast a shadow of Darkness and who oppose us in our striving to achieve true Greatness. Beware for we are the Knights of Valor.}
Critical Notes:
All Warriors Should Read The BBS Daily For Updated Information
House Meeting Is Every Tuesday At 10:00 pm EST.
KV Email
You are Mechwarrior     to enter the Realm of KV
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