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Hardcore Gaming



I was watching the news the other day and they were reporting on some web site that pays you money to display an ad banner on your screen while surfing. Well i was stunned that people could get $20 a month for surfing the web, that pays for my ISP fees which is great, but since i already paid for that i can buy video games with the cash. Click the ad banner, i'm against ad banners but i'm not against making money for surfing the web, nor should you be. The company gets other companies to pay them to advertise, then they pay you to view them, it's a great idea but make sure you sign up as it could become limited to a certain amount of people cause they had like 2 million people sign up in like 120 days, don't miss out.

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  • New Car Modifier codes added for Gameshark!Now you can blaze around in that infamous black and blue superfly car all you want.
  • Check out this site, Driver is being advertised round the clock, it's a very original site that you can sign up for free (hope you live in LA) to be paged whenever there is a car chase. There is a paid option that will page you right away rather then 30 min. after (which is the free option). Check it out, i didn't read that much of it so i'm not 100% sure how everything works.


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"The best thing about Driver is the feeling you get when you're speeding away from the fuzz after smashing your way through a roadblock. It's the feeling of impending doom - which can only be overcome by keeping your wits about you and your thumb on the gas -that makes playing Driver quite fun!" -Gamespot, July 1999

The winner of best racing game at E3

"The magnitude of this game makes it hard to know where to start in praising it." -TotalGames.Net

"A totally new concept in driving games. Gorgeous to look at and satisfying to play, this is nigh on perfect. Steve McQueen would have loved it." -Official UK Playstation magazine

"Driver started development well before GTA was announced. Although in concept on paper they sounded similar those that have played the game have commented that the games are totally different." -Martin Edmonson of Reflections Interactive

"Bust out the 8 tracks, shape those afros and get ready to put the pedal to the metal! Driver is a high speed, high energy racer taking car chases to a new level." -Cahill of Hardcore Gaming (Open, honest, informed... signs of a true Hardcore Gamer)

"Imagine if you will Ridge Racer Type 4. Or Gran Turismo. Imagine the cars, the tracks, the handling. Now imagine not following the course ahead and turning left at the upcoming bend instead of right. Imagine driving for miles in completely the opposite direction from your co-racers. Stopping at lights, weaving through leisurely traffic, and admiring screenful after screenful of continually changing scenery.

Alternatively, imagine a game of Grand Theft Auto where the camera suddenly fell into the screen and the chunky 2D cars and badly drawn buildings hurtled into razor sharp 3D life. Pedestrians actually walked the streets rather than slid flatly along them and sunlight cast the shadows of streetlamps and trees down to the pavements below."

- You play the part of Tanner an undercover cop on a mission to unearth the identity of (and thereby slap the cuffs on) Mr. Big. Tanner has relinquished his badge, mothballed his uniform and taken up residence in a seedy motel, where his new underworld buddies get in touch via his answering machine.

-Official UK Playstation Magazine

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  • Platform: PlayStation
  • Price: $39.99
  • Format: NTSC