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About The Tamagothi

Here you will learn about all the fun and excitement of taking care of your own mopey little creature!

Your Tamagothi has many different fun and exciting features:
  • Speed: If your Tamagothi becomes sleepy or lethargic, just give him a nice jolt of effedrine! Mmmm!
  • Smack: On the other hand, if your Tamagothi gets too perky, a nice dose of smack is just the thing to keep him mopey and content!
  • Lights: When your Tamagothi goes to sleep, the lights go on! When he wakes up, it's lights out! This keeps your Tamagothi dazed and grumpy, and gives him that attractive "restless" look!
  • Meter: Use this tool to find out how your little friend is doing! If you keep him tired, hungry, and on the verge of suicide, you might end up with the best Tamagothi yet!
  • Beat: Every growing child needs a good beating now and then! If your Tamagothi starts getting uppity, and begins to believe that he might be able to change the world instead of just mourning it, then you should beat him right back down into submission!
  • Angst: This indicator goes on when your Tamagothi wants love and attention. The more you ignore it, the better your Tamagothi will turn out! He might even write some dismal poetry!

    Your Tamagothi begins life as a cute little throbbing skull...

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