C o t e ' s K r a a l: The Wide Wide World of Curious Matthew

Smilers never lose, and frowners never win. So let the sunshine in and face it with a grin.
- Pebbles Flintstone & Bam-Bam Rubble

since 1975 Matthew Cote has been curious. why is the sky blue? why is the grass red? why can't they make the whole plane out of the same substance as the little indestructible black box? why did Superman always duck when someone threw a gun at him even tho he could stop bullets with his chest? if it's zero degrees outside today and it's supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold is it going to be? is boneless chicken considered to be an invertebrate? why devote a life to god when there's Santa? why don't other people have a clue? and ya know what? i just don't care.

it's the end of the winter quater at famed college of dupage and that means it's grade time. guess what grades matthew got in his 3 classes. be careful, if you guess wrong you may be sentanced to eternal sufferment in the firery caldrons of hell. course you might already. if you guess correctly, well la-de-frickin'-da. i took chemistry [is "G" a grade?] anyway vote by signing my guest book at the bottom of the page. hint: the Firefly Flies For Forty, nay, Fifty miles....well hell, the Frickin' thing Flies Forever...Duh!

grades really don't mean anything.

HEY -> NEW STUFF! check out some of my craptacular computer artwork that i did last quater at Art a la Matt..
here's a link to some of matt's movie reviews. please keep in mind that this has not been updated in like a year. also, matt probably hasn't actually seen any of these movies. for example, "i've never seen titantic, but it sucked." many have said this is the best part of this stupid page, so if nothing else, check this out and experience eternal bliss.
ok, time to give some shout-outs...for my sis Jennifer down at B-PC Elemantary down in beautiful Slackjaw County, Illinois, here's a collection of tastefull blonde jokes. (391 of em)...or feel free to drop a line to Jenn's email.

feel like going to africa again? it's been more than 2 years after all. if so, see what the loners at Lonely Planet have to say...it's a small world...after all. i'm sure there's a Starbucks in cape town. NEVER BEEN? well u suck, see some of MY photos at Matt's Africa web page.

how many guys from Aspen does it take to screw in a light bulb? not each other mind you, a lightbulb. two: one to screw it in, and the other to say "Fabulous!" wanna hear some other light bulb jokes that automatically change like every 10 seconds? go here. or for an even better time, feel free to drop a line to Christopher's email, a real life Aspen dude.

Yo, G! for that lady who put the "Grand" back in Grandma, here's Grandma's church's web's page (psst...go to "Pictures from the Fair" and see a picture of Grandma herself). nuttin' but a 'G' thang!

do you wanna go to Wisconsin? sure, we all do! HA! well then make your way up to this haven where people think Lake Michigan is an ocean...where you get hot in the sun, get cold in the shade, get bit in the woods, get sand in any number of clothings as well as expensive electrical equitment rendering them useless to their rightful users, then have i got a place for you. with that kind of build up, it's gotta be good. make your way up to beautiful Door County, WI, the cape cod of heterosexuality. and if you're lucky enough to be heading that way, be sure to check out Cote's Cottages. the page also happens to be a Matt Cote original web page. free state-of-the-art advertising...you think they could give me a commision or say thanks or something, but NO - all i hear is crap about how much money they don't have. geez, whatever...anyway have a great time at their little hellholes on the lake.

...paul obviously has his own page so go to Paul's Page

for my favorite aunt & uncle, here's some useful information about Mississippi State football. Go Bulldogs!!! ok, here's some stuff about the Twin Cities also. don't ask me why they'd care about that down in Mississippi.

for carol, by far the coolest person in my family, if not all of Minnesota, here's tons of links to stuff regarding the Smashing Pumpkins. I saw them in concert (carol didn't) - they rawked. despite all my rage, i am still just a Matt in cage.

for JES (carol's partner in crime)here's a link to her favorite magazine. background: jes is a very sweet girl also from aitkin. she lives in a van down by the river. she's very cute and has like 17 boyfriends [but don't call her a slut, call her loose]. most people think she's just some minnesota white trash (aren't they all) but really jes is a really nice girl. she's blonde and...well, 'nuff said. watch out guys, she'll steal your heart, she a man-eater.

The Simpsons. go. now. simpsons funny...duh. wanna hear a random quote from the show every 10 seconds? no? well i do, so i'm going here. you want even more simpsons stuff? you so crazy. but ok, here's a description of every episode called "episode capsules"...every episode is linked to even more details about each and every show. do you wanna know which simpsons episodes will be on tonight or next week or last night? go to the upcoming episodes link and find out. ya know when bart and lisa crank call moes? go to the "calls to moes" link and reminace. much more simpsons stuff like each characters bio can be found at the simpsons archive.

*attention; Matthew has somehow obtained a job [affirmative action possibly] since last updating this page [like 2 years ago] and would like to use this space to advertise for his employer in appreciation. so, if you have a death wish, or possibly aleady bleeding, stop by Hinsdale Hospital - if we don't screw up your body, my god we will screw up your financials.
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