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What are Alpha, Beta, Gamma rays?

Radiation is made of alpha, beta, gamma rays. Rutherford discovered two types, alpha and beta rays. He named the rays after the first two Greek letters and later when third was found it was named it after the third greek letter, Gamma.
The Alpha ray also the heaviest of all particles is named after first greek letter in the alphabet. The Alpha particle is about 80,000heavier then Beta, it has two protons and two neutrons. Alpha is made of charged atoms. It can be stoped by a mere sheet of paper , it can also harm living tissue.
The Beta is made of electrons, and fast moving. Takes six mm of aluminum to stop the beta ray. It's emitted from there nucleus during radiation decay.
The gamma ray is the most penetrating form of electomagnetic radiation. There are similar to x-rays but stronger. Gamma rays are invisible and they can travel at the speed of light They are not affected by eletromagnrtic fields either. Can be released in controlled nuclear explosions and particle antiparticle Small doses of gamma radiation can be harmful to any living organism and large doses can be fatal. Destroys bacteria, mold, and yeast and as it passes through matter it slows down. It takes several mm of lead to stop the ray.
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