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Cobble Racing Homepage

Welcome to the Cobble Racing Homepage, the year 2000 racing season will probably be a good one for Cobble Racing. Mike Cobble might be in a UMP Modified, Michael Cobble will be in a rebuilt Super Street, Jesse Cobble will possibly be in a brand new Street Stock, and A.J. Cobble will for sure be in a brand new Street Stock.

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Richard Petty
Dale Earnhart
Jeff Gordon
Rusty Wallace
Dale Jarrett

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Drivers for Cobble Racing in 2000 will be the vetran driver,#0, Lance Cobble, Vetran driver, #42 Mike Cobble (super street), Vetran driver, #7x Dave Cobble(super street),Fourth year driver, #42 Michael Cobble (street stock), #16J Jesse Cobble (street stock), which will be his second year, and #88 A.J. Cobble(street stock), it will be his rookie year.

The pics of the new cars will be here soon!

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