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U.S. Regiments

Remember our Clark County patriots. Some lie in national cemeteries. Some sleep in hometown graves. Some never made it home. But all have something in common. They made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country, our freedom and our quality of life.

Designated Units 1st-63d

1st U.S Cavalry
Bishop, Samuel (Parker) Transferred from the 51st Indiana Infantry (see Indiana), however, no record found.

1st U.S. Engineers

Waller, W.R. (Wabash)

History of the 1st U.S. Engineers
 Organized in the Dept. of the Cumberland from Pioneer Brigade, Dept. of the Cumberland, July 8, 1864. Duty in the Dept. of the Cumberland repairing railroads, building block houses and bridges and in general engineering duties until September, 1865. Mustered out September 26, 1865.

2d U.S. Vol. Infantry

Jordon, Jacob (Westfield) One record states he also served in the 5th U.S. Vol. Infantry.

History of the 2d U.S. Volunteers
 Organized at Rock Island, Ill., October, 1864. Ordered to Dept. of Missouri and assigned to duty in District of Upper Arkansas along the Santa Fe Road from Little Arkansas River to Fort Dodge and Cimmaron Crossing. Stationed by Companies at Fort Riley, Salem, Fort Ellsworth, Fort Learned, Fort Zarah and Fort Scott, Kansas, on guard duty and operating against Indians until November, 1865. Mustered out November 7, 1865.

4th U.S. Vol. Infantry

Company B
Goble, Abraham E. (York) Sgt
Harlow, Joshua F. (Martinsville) Sgt
Needham, James W. (York) Cpl

Company F
Carpenter, James (York)
Deuermeyer, John C.(Westfield) Cpl

Company G
Shepherd, Edward B. (Douglas) 1st Sgt

History of the 4th U.S. Volunteers

 Organized at Camp Stoneman, D.C., December, 1864, to May, 1865. Mustered out August 6, 1866.

5th U.S. Vol. Infantry, Company B

Biggs, James M.A. (Westfield) Cpl
Collins, James (Johnson)
Durham, Samuel (Johnson)
Denning, Miller H. (Douglas)
Jordan, John (Jacob?) (Westfield)
Shoemaker, Benjamin (Johnson)
Whittaker, Augustus (Johnson) Cpl

History of the 5th U.S. Volunteers
 Organized at Camp Stoneman, D.C., January to April, 1865. Duty at Washington, D.C., Providence, R. I., Fort Wadsworth, N.Y., and Hart's Island, N.Y., until May, 1866. Mustered out May 28, 1866.

6th U.S. Vol. Infantry

Company A
Neal, James C. (Westfield)
Storey, William (Westfield)

Company D
Murphy, John (Dennison)
Patrine, Israel (Dennison)
Wilson, Chauney F. (Westfield) Sgt

Company E
Cation, William (Westfield)

Unknown Company
Treater, P. (Westfield)

History of the 6th U.S. Volunteers
 Organized at Camp Stoneman, D.C., March and April, 1865. Mustered out March 15 to July 27, 1866.

8th U.S. Vol. Infantry

Company A
Hatten, Willis (Marshall) Also served in the 1st Missouri Engineers.

Company H
Tebo, Caleb F. (York) Sgt

15th U.S. Vol. Infantry

Counterman, Henry (Melrose) No record found.
Wells, Eli (Darwin) No record found.

16th U.S. Vol. Infantry

Miller, Charles (Martinsville) No record found.

18th U.S. Colored Troops

Stewart, Andrew (Marshall) No record found.

History of the 18th U.S. Colored Troops
 SERVICE.-Duty in District of St. Louis, Mo., and at St. Louis till November, 1864. Ordered to Nashville, Tenn., November 7. Moved to Paducah, Ky., November 7-11, thence to Nashville, Tenn. Occupation of Nashville during Hood's investment December 1-15. Battles of Nashville December 15-16. Pursuit of Hood to the Tennessee River December 17-28. At Bridgeport, Ala., guarding railroad till February, 1865. Action at Elrod's Tan Yard January 27. At Chattanooga, Tenn., and in District of East Tennessee till February, 1866. Mustered out February 21, 1866.

19th U.S. Vol. Infantry

Hammerly, William (Martinsville) No record. He also served in the 2d Indiana Cavalry, Co. E. (See Indiana)

23d U.S. Vol. Infantry

White, J.E. (Wabash) No record found.

29th U.S. Colored Troops

Scott, John (Marshall)

History of the 29th U.S. Colored Troops
 SERVICE.-Duty at Alexandria, Va., till June 15, 1864. Moved to White House, Va., thence to Petersburg, Va. Siege operations against Petersburg and Richmond June 19, 1864, to April 3, 1865. Mine Explosion, Petersburg, July 30, 1864. Weldon Railroad August 18-21. Poplar Grove Church September 29-30, and October 1. Boydton Plank Road, Hatcher's Run, October 27-28. On the Bermuda Hundred front and before Richmond till April, 1865. Appomattox Campaign March 28-April 9. Duty in the Dept. of Virginia till May. Moved to Texas May and June, and duty on the Rio Grande till November. Mustered out November 6, 1865.

40th U.S. Vol. Infantry

Gunn, Judson (York) No record found.

63d U.S. Colored Troops
McCord, David O. (Modoro) (York) Surgeon
Patton, J.A. (Wabash) Surgeon. No record found.

History of the 40th U.S. Colored Troops
 SERVICE.-Post and garrison duty at Natchez, Miss., till February, 1865. Skirmish at Waterproof, La., April 20, 1864. Ashwood, Miss., June 25. Camp Marengo September 4. Bullitt's Bayou September 14 (Cos. "B" and "G"). Post and garrison at Vidalia and Bullitt's Bayou till January, 1866. (A Detachment at Helena, Ark., District of Eastern Arkansas, Dept. of Arkansas, to February, 1865. Cos. "B" and "K" at Memphis, Tenn., February, 1865.) Mustered out January 9, 1866.

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